I often say there are Sundays that you just need to “break the mold,” and make the experience completely different for the kids. As soon as your lesson format is predictable, it is time to do something different!

I often use 5th Sundays to do this, or when there is a holiday that doesn’t fit nicely with the curriculum schedule. This year is a perfect example! Easter is the 2nd Sunday of April, meaning that a 4 week Easter series needs to be started on the 2nd Sunday of March in order to end on the first week of April. This year, I’ve got two FUN “Mold Breaking” Sundays planned for the kids.

For the first Sunday of January, before we kick off Secrets of the Ancient Scrolls, we are doing BIBLE-O-RAMA! Every year I tweak and improve them, and I love when users of it Bible Curriculum make their own additions!

This year, Pastor Doug Olson added a really cool new feature designed to keep kids moving and encourage them to visit every station.

It’s a Bible-O-Rama Passport! The kids get a sticker as they visit each station and a special prize if they complete each activity.

If you add your own creative ideas to anything you find on Kidology, please do let me know and even post to the Kidology Facebook Group.

After teaching off Secrets of the Ancient Scrolls,  which is a Bible Basics series, I’ll be doing my next “Break the Mold” Sunday, which is one of my very favorite:

It’s called Bible Ninja Warriors, and it is SO MUCH FUN!

I even invited my lead pastor to come in and compete against me. (I won’t embarrass him by saying who won.)

The Bible can be a big, overwhelming, and dare I say, boring book, if not presented in an engaging and fun manner to children.

Making the Bible FUN for kids, while teaching them about it, is one of my life passions!

I am so thankful for the teachers in my life and instilled in me a love for God’s Word. I know the difference it has made in my life!

ONE MORE LINK: Bible Numbers and Facts – a fun hand-out to help your kids learn the basic facts of the Bible. You can use it for quizzing too.

Do you know the significance of these numbers:

If you don’t, download the answer key!



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