FREE eBOOK from KidCheck!

Hey, just found out about this FREE new resource from my friends at KidCheck and wanted to make sure you knew about it!

It’s a FREE eBook called Optimizing Child Safety in Your Organization. It’s jam-packed with checklists, tips, and proven safety strategies.

You’ll learn the following:

• Why focusing on child safety attracts new families.
• How to predator-proof your environment.
• Seven steps for choosing the best volunteers.
• The benefits of a Child Protection Policy.
• Tips for using children’s check-in for more than attendance tracking.
With this eBook, you’ll be equipped to create a safe & secure environment both now and in the future.

Regardless of what system you use for your secure check-in system, you will find this eBook loaded with some practical tips, reminders and ideas! AND if you are looking at implementing a secure check-in system or re-evaluating your present setup, you owe it to yourself to at least set up a consultation with the good folks at KidCheck to have a pressure-free conversation about how to make your ministry more safe an

Here’s a link to preview DOWNLOAD THE FREE eBOOK!

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