Jedi Karl on CBS News

OK, I’ve finally gone and done it. (by popular demand, I might add!)

Often when I am speaking somewhere (or anytime Star Wars comes up, which it does occasionally in my life) I mention that I got to go see Star Wars Episode II nearly a week early at one of the only fully digital theaters in the country (which had scenes not in the release for the general public since George Lucas kept tinkering with the film even after it was shipped off in film to theaters across the coutry and only digital projector theaters actually showed the version that you now see on the DVDs, not many people realize that.)

Anyway – what I often mention is that when we came out of the theater (and yes, I went dressed as a jedi with a friend) we were interviewed by two national networks, both of which aired that night across the country. We were only able to get a copy of the CBS report.

What did I finally do? I put it up on YouTube. (Again, only by popular demand, it’s rather embarrassing actually!)

Now, before you watch this I need to make a few disclaimers. First of all, I really truly am not a nerd. Honestly! Going to a Star Wars movie dressed as a Jedi does not make one a nerd! Having a custom costume made for yourself (and your puppet) doesn’t make you a nerd. (Thanks again Kim Bradley!!) Having a Star Wars Museum in your basement does not make one either, nor does going to a Star Wars Convention (complete with an 8 page online photo gallery) or meeting George Lucas in person. Dressing up with friends, altering pictures to make my bother and I fighting with lightning or having a massive Lego Star Destroyer doesn’t make you one either. This is perfectly normal adult behavior. Everyone enjoys Christian songs converted to Star Wars songs and envys churches that preach sermon series based on Star Wars, don’t they? Even though I’ve been known to do Star Wars themed birthday parties for friends’ kids, post Star Wars parody songs and even debated the moral capabilities of clones and questioned the wisdom of Yoda I insist I am a well balanced adult with only a passing interest in Star Wars. While I admit I have waited in line for midnight openings at Toys R Us for new Star Wars toys (where there was only one woman, and one child, the rest grown men), and have taught on reconcilation by having the Skywalker family reunite on a talk show, there are much more anti-social behaviors possible that are far worse than blogging about Star Wars cereal (twice) or Pop-Tarts, candy and toys.

And having a son named Luke doesn’t count, he is adopted and came with that name – even though I have been known to dress him up as Luke Skywalker for Halloween.

FINALLY – disclaimers related to the video you are about to watch:

The quote “$110 in tickets” was not because I was going to see it that many times, but was taking my Kids Church Krew when it opened in theaters.

The quote that got me the most grief was “Yoda kicks butt.” I know, as a children’s pastor, that is practically swearing – but if you’ve seen the film, we finally got to see the Jedi Master Yoda FIGHT at the end and it was an entirely new experience, so when I came out and was asked what I liked best, that was the first thing I said. Once they found out that I was a children’s pastor and my friend was a youth pastor (now converted to children’s ministry) they asked us a lot of questions about kids, culture, and the value of good wholesome films like Star Wars, but my “Yoda kicks butt” was the still the main quote they went with, though I kinda liked the line they coined, “these pastors by day, Jedi by night.” Not bad.

(I’m the one with my Jedi hood on the whole time because my hair was a mess and I was trying to hide my identity a little.)

Oh, and yes, it was Mother’s Day – we both ditched our Mother’s to attend this event. Also in this video is the boy who invited me and his mom and dad and his sister, and her friend, and so I must end by saying THANKS again to them for remembering that I was a Star Wars nerd and inviting me to join them and allowing me to bring a fellow Star Wars nerd with me.

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  1. Dude, it’s okay. Embrace your inner nerd. We all have one. We all try to cover it up. But this my friend is awesome. I have not dressed up for a movie yet, but I’m probably at the midnight release of about 6 or 7 movies a year. When I do dress up for a movie, believe me, there will be pictures and video.

  2. It’s okay, all your faithful readers already knew you were a nerd. :)

  3. I love it! After taking my wife to see both Iron Man and Incredible Hulk and poking her incessently at every single obscure and obvious comic book reference, I can safely say that, if I am not a nerd, I’m at least a carrier.

  4. Wow.

    Yoda Kicks Butt.

    That’s like 12 hails Marys in other churches!



  5. Hey BIg Bro,

    This post had me cracking up. Recently at MGM Star Wars weekend I was telling someone about you and said, “He’s not a Star Wars nerd.” The person I went with said, “Um, your brother has a basement full of stuff that he calls a museum, waits at TOYS R US for toys, has lego sets, and has always talked about it as long as I can remembert.” I looked at her and said, “Hmmm, I guess he is a Star Wars Nerd.” The original person I was talking to just started laughing.

    It’s ok bro. We like this side of you and I had fun waiting in line with you at Toys R Us and pushing your cart as you threw your toys in. :-)

    I bought a pin at MGM Studios for myself that is a Storm Trooper eating a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream and it says, “Get a taste of the darkside.”

    Have a great day,

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