Acapella Star Wars

I got home today to find a package in the mail from a Kidology member named Tim O’Neill who just decided to be super nice and send me some Star Wars stuff* – and included a CD with a Star Wars Medley by an acapella band called Moose Butter. Apparently they sing a lot of songs based on pop culture, and as Tim tells me, while they are not a Christian group, their songs are very creative and fun. This is the only one I’ve heard so far – but it had me laughing!

The song was so cool (and funny) that I decided to upload it and share it:

HERE IS AN ACC FILE: Moose Butter Star Wars Medley (ACC)
(I don’t know the official title)
HERE IS AN MP3 FILE: Moose Butter Star Wars Medley (MP3)

(Hey, Steve Tanner – looks like they will be performing at the Tanner Amphitheater in Springdale, Utah this Saturday… maybe you can get in for free!! (Did you know there was a Tanner Amphitheater?)

And as long as I am sharing Star Wars Spoof songs, here are two more you might enjoy, the first being the best I have ever heard, sung to the tune of American Pie:

Weird Al: The Saga Begins (MP3 5MB)
Source Unknown: The Microsoft Empire Strikes Back (3.2MB)

* If Tim O’Neill’s generosity moves and inspires you,
you may send your Star Wars stuff to:

Kidology Inc.
Attn: Star Wars Aquisitions Dept.
830 West Main Street
Lake Zurich, IL 60047

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  1. That is very, very cool. Thank you for sharing it with us! What a fun way to start the last day of school for my kids. Woo hoo!

  2. Great video…..Keep up the work….



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