LIVE Broadcast of Kidology Celebration Banquet!

WEDNESDAY EVENING, October 1st, 2008 is the Kidology Celebration Banquet as the Kick Off Event to Kid U Celebration Conference. YES! We are celebrating 10 YEARS of KID U! Actually, we’ve done FIFTEEN of these large conferences (in different states same year) and I’ve literally lost track of how many of the smaller Kidology To Go events we’ve done, including their predecessor, “Science of Kidology.” We are takin the opportunity of this 10th anniversary event to celebration, look back, and vision cast for the future of Kidology! We have many family, friends and fans who were not able to make it to Chicago for the banquet so I’m excited to announce that we are planning to broadcast the event LIVE via GO TO: or just visit the home page of You not only will be able to watch the event, but chat with others who are watching as well. I recommend you register on the site for a free account so your chat name will be your username. I did a test braodcast last night and got to chat with four members from virginia, florida and oregon all at once and they got to see my Star …

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Get a FREE copy of CM Professional Edition

In the current edition of Group’s Children’s Ministry Professional edition, I was honored to be featured in an interview in the Career Coach section titled: Following God’s Call. If you don’t get Group’s Children’s Ministry Professional edition, I highly recommend it. Other topics in the current issue include: Leading Leaders Taming a Talker The Top Job? No Thanks Gut Check During Interviews Families in Crisis Rumor Weeds Hopping to Greener Pastures Good Habits Beware Informal Communication Restoring Lost Administrative Tasks New books on the market and more! To find out how you can get a free sample copy of the current issue with my interview, go here. If you read the interview there is a discussion on Kidology here.

Luke Gets a Hair Cut (actually, all of them!)

Today was the day we finally gave Luke another haircut. We love his curly hair, but when it starts getting in his eyes we know we have to cut it again. It’s a bummer because he always seems to age three months with a hair cut. We know, “It’ll grow back” – but he’s so stinkin’ cute with those curls! Too bad, today was hair cutting day! And for the past two years Sara has been cutting both boys hair to save money. (haircut prices have gotten ridiculous if you ask me!) Here he is, all smiles and read to go under the knife, er, scissors anyway. That’s one curly head! Our personal hair stylist at work! Bye, Bye Bangs! (my wife would like to ask you not look at the messy counters in the background) Oops, was that an ear lobe? Elmo helps the time go by as mommy sculpts the head. It’s a brand new boy! Is this the same boy!?!? Amazing how different he looks. But either way, the shirt is still true!

The Adventures of “Illinois Luke”

First off, I have to say, my sister is the ultimate party planner. She puts together the most amazing themed parties for her kids (sample). Today was no exception. It was an overnight camping Indiana Jones theme where they went geo-caching for treasure and every kid got an archeologist bag, brown fedora and a whip! Due to having a two year old, we came for the morning fun. It was a beautiful forest preserve I’ll be returning to for hiking! Luke took to the trails immediately… It is right along the Fox River in Cary, so there were many water views on the hike. One funny sight (that I couldn’t take a picture of) was three guys fishing with beer bottles. A poor man’s technique perhaps. They tied fishing line to the neck of their beer, threw the line out, drank while waiting, and when then got a bite, wound the line around the beer bottle to reel it in. Yes, we saw them catch one! One of the kids caught a craw fish. Going with the theme, we just pretended it was a scorpion! I showed my son how to intimidate a small creature by returning its taunts right …

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What if I got saved TODAY?

A few weeks ago, our pastor gave a wonderful salvation message – it was so good, I wanted to get saved all over again. I was kinda bummed that I already was, since he made the invitation to be a part of God’s Kingdom so inviting… it got me thinking… what if I DID get saved today, in fact, everyday… Below is what I wrote in my journey the next morning, and I was thinking perhaps others who are already saved might want to consider getting saved again.* I dare you to PAUSE and reflect on each of the questions below… it’s not easy, I know. WHAT IF I GOT SAVED TODAY? What would change? What would I do differently What would I give up? What would I stop doing? What would I start doing? Who would I ask forgiveness of? Who would I choose to forgive? What would I give away? How would I spend my time? How would I spend my money? How would I arrange my life? How would my relationships be impacted? Where would I go? Where wouldn’t I go? What would others notice about me? How would I start my day? How would I end …

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