LIVE Broadcast of Kidology Celebration Banquet!

WEDNESDAY EVENING, October 1st, 2008 is the Kidology Celebration Banquet as the Kick Off Event to Kid U Celebration Conference. YES! We are celebrating 10 YEARS of KID U! Actually, we’ve done FIFTEEN of these large conferences (in different states same year) and I’ve literally lost track of how many of the smaller Kidology To Go events we’ve done, including their predecessor, “Science of Kidology.” We are takin the opportunity of this 10th anniversary event to celebration, look back, and vision cast for the future of Kidology!

We have many family, friends and fans who were not able to make it to Chicago for the banquet so I’m excited to announce that we are planning to broadcast the event LIVE via

GO TO: or just visit the home page of You not only will be able to watch the event, but chat with others who are watching as well. I recommend you register on the site for a free account so your chat name will be your username. I did a test braodcast last night and got to chat with four members from virginia, florida and oregon all at once and they got to see my Star Wars museum in my basement. What a perk for being the first! I will send out a reminder via Twitter if you follow me there or on facebook.

I HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE – well, you’ll be able to see me, I’ll be able to say hi at the camera and occasionally in the chat room! Now you can attend the banquet no matter where you are! (Isn’t technology fun?)

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  1. Hey I’ll be sneaking peaks tonight during AWANA, shhhh don’t tell anyone!
    Sure wish I could be there!! booohooooo!

  2. Though it’s been said many times, many ways…

    Thank you Karl for letting us into the banquet from wherever we were. I particularly enjoyed the corn dogs and chips that you served (oh wait…that was what I had at my house while I was watching!)

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