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In the current edition of Group’s Children’s Ministry Professional edition, I was honored to be featured in an interview in the Career Coach section titled: Following God’s Call. If you don’t get Group’s Children’s Ministry Professional edition, I highly recommend it.

Other topics in the current issue include:

  • Leading Leaders
  • Taming a Talker
  • The Top Job? No Thanks
  • Gut Check During Interviews
  • Families in Crisis
  • Rumor Weeds
  • Hopping to Greener Pastures
  • Good Habits
  • Beware Informal Communication
  • Restoring Lost Administrative Tasks
  • New books on the market
  • and more!

To find out how you can get a free sample copy of the current issue with my interview, go here.

If you read the interview there is a discussion on Kidology here.

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