Addicted to Speed? The Cure has been discovered!

BOY I can’t wait until my little brother is in town! (Yes, Jordan, that is a challenge!)

I just might have a new hobby! This is the coolest thing! WOW! WOW! WOW!

After Sports Camp finished up (final post on that coming soon!) a bunch of us all went out for some Chicago Pizza and it was there that I learned about an awesome sport – a sport that you must be 18 to play and have a driver’s license – and yet, ironically, it was introduced to me by a friend who is 15 and doesn’t have a driver’s license! (he knows the guy who owns the place…. cool!)

So the next thing I know I am blowing off work… er, um… I mean, going on a pastoral visit to encourage our guest missionaries by treating them to an outing to thank them for all their hard work all week…. (yeah, that’s better) and it was off to Chicago Indoor Racing!

The VCB Racing Team!
Rob, Tiffany, Steve, Tye and Me
(Tiff and Tye were our Uncharted Waters Coaches all week)


Team Ninja?

Here we are in our Ninja Pose since you have to wear a ‘head sock’ under your helmet unless, like Steve, you have your own racing flack jacket and helmet! We had to go through intense orientation and training and then sign away our lives and promise not to sue if we died out there racing.

Here’s me in my Formula LM Race Car.
(LM = lawn mower)

It was a TON of fun… you race about twenty laps per race and everything is recorded by computer – lap times, best lap time, average, etc. At the end you get a print out that details your standing and graphs every lap of the race between all the drivers. All your info is saved so that you can work to beat your scores in future races. My first race placed me in 4th place on the team, and in the bottom 36% of all racers… but, hey, it was my first race! In my second race I was somehow able to beat my first race times while finishing last. Oh, well. Jesus said the last shall be first! So, yes, I got beat by two girls…. but I’ll take them on in a unicycle race anyday!

See those blurs? Could you handle such velocities? Have you a NEED FOR SPEED? I’m thinking I need to plan an adult birthday party racing tournament in September…. Any challengers out there?

UP-DATE (not in e-mail notification): 4MB VIDEO OF TRACK

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Karl Bastian is the founder of, the creator of, and the author of His personal website is He is Big Kid with a passion for equipping and encouraging those who minister to children.


  1. Pastor Karl,
    You should have been working instead of playing. Maybe the reason you didn’t race well was because you were being punished. Hee hee. Thanks again for a GREAT week! If you could email me those pics and short video clip, that would be awesome!

  2. You’re on! I don’t think I can make it out there in September, but when I’m back in October you’ll have to take me there. That sounds sweet. And if you beat me, then we have to armwrestle :)

  3. Arm wrestle? You’ve never shown up for the annual April 1st Brother-to-Brother Arm Wrestling Match-Up – so I keep winning by your forfeit. I think I am the seven-time champ now?? (something like that, I lost track)

  4. Cool! Looks like a blast. Isn’t it great when you sign away your life to do things most normal human beings wouldn’t think of doing?

    BTW, how many hobbies is that?? ;-)

  5. so karl whats with the enemy thing? also why didn’t you put anywhere on this that i lapped you 3 or 4 times each race. yah you got beat by a couple of girls but you also got beat by a kid who cant drive. well you need to come back so i can beat you again and again. if you have any other pictures or a video clip could you email them to me. thanks

  6. My dad actully had his company chirstmas party there and I couldnt go. I was pretty bummed. I know you have no idea who I am (I found this through kidology). But I dont live far from chicago (McHenry). And I would love to have and excuse to go play!


  7. Allison, contact me through , I’d love to have you come to the party!!

    Steve G – give me your e-mail (via my church email) and I will send you pictures!! (3 or 4 times?? I dont THINK so!) Besides, I was just being nice to ya – didn’t want ya to be beat by the kids pastor in front of those two pretty girls. :)

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