Dew from Heaven!

Due to a bunch of technical jargon I won’t bore you with (too late) I was unable to ‘blog’ for over a week! ahhhhhh! I know you’ve been checking every day. Wasn’t it St. Augustine who said that everyone is born with a Karl’s Blog Shaped Void? Anyway, here are a few of the things I wanted to post… the rest I’ll skip now and you can just wonder the rest of your life!

This photo above is going in my collection right next to my photo of Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster. I caught a picture of my youth pastor sitting at my office Mac. (notice the beautiful 21 inch screen with a Mac mini!) I actually left my office for an appointment and trusted him to stay and play on it. Since the only way a Mac can get a virus is for someone to be sitting at it and manually install it, this was a great demonstration of trust. Despite how stable Macs are, he did manage to get some error messages to appear, which he gleefully documented with screen shots, including the following:

Message my PC loving youth pastor supposedly saw on my Mac’s screen. The abuse and suffering I must endure for converting to Mac is only surpassed by my suffering for Jesus.

My birthday was complete when a family in my small group gave me a Mountain Dew shirt and hat! Now I can proudly witness everywhere I go. After all, the Bible does speak often of Dew:

Genesis 27:28
“May God give you of heaven’s dew”Deuteronomy 33:13
“May the LORD bless his land with the precious dew from heaven”

Psalm 110:3
“you will receive the dew of your youth.”

Song of Solomon 5:2
[ Beloved ] “My head is drenched with dew”

Micah 5:7
“many peoples like dew”

In fact, Dew is what gives me many of my greatest ideas… no dew = nothin’ new! If you have never read my Ode to Dew, check it out here. (or maybe I will post it below)

This picture captured the safe and open environment of our small group, where everyone can feel free to share and be vulnerable without fear of judgment or comdemnation. Just makes you want to come and share, doesn’t it?

OK, due to popular demand (assuming that is) here is my famous “Ode to Dew”

An Ode to Dew Do I have my Dew?
I do!
Do I do my Dew?
I do!

I do my Dew,
And Dew my do,
I cannot do
Without my Dew.

For when I Dew
I better do,
So when I must do
I do Dew too!

Without my Dew,
I cannot do,
I cannot do,
Without my Dew.

So I Dew
It’s true, It’s true!
It’s true that I will
Do my Dew!

To my Dew,
I am true,
To my Dew,
And not a few!

Do I do a Dew?
Do I do two Dews?
Two Dews I do!
Two Dews I do!
I do two Dews
Yes, it’s true!

When I do a Dew or two,
Then I do another Dew,
Another Dew I do it’s true,
The Dews I do are not a few!

If do a Dew that’s not so new
Then do Dews on Dews on Dews,
To undo Dew that wasn’t new,
For do not do Dews that are not new!

A true Dew? Not new? Not true!
Dew not new? Do NOT Do!
Do not do a Dew not new!

Well, I did my Dew,
My Dew I did,
My Dew is empty,
My Dew is rid.

I did rid my Dew I did.
Can’t do Dew if Dew is did!
If Dew is did, no more to drink,
Then no more poem I can think.

If no more think from no more drink,
Then no more Dew to run my head,
I did the Dew, now do the bed.

The Dewologist

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  1. Yo DUDE, You are DA DEW MAN! You are my HERO! down another one DEW DUDE!!!

  2. Karl,

    Regarding your fixation/obsession with the soft drink called Mountain Dew, seek professional help.

    In Christ’s Love,

  3. I never knew Dew was so…BIBLICAL. Wow. That just alleviates all my concerns…about too much sugar, too much caffeine…why if there’s Dew in the Bible, then it must be…”GOOD”, right?

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