A Texas Style Weekend

This weekend I had the privilege of participating in a Kidology To Go in Georgetown, TX, just North of Austin, the capital of Texas. I’ll be posting pictures later of the awesome children’s ministry rooms at NewChurch. One of the highlights of the trip was getting to hang out with CP Team member Jeramy Chapman.


We hadn’t seen each other since CPC Dallas in 2003 (I think), so it was awesome to catch up. Jeramy is the childen’s pastor at The Journey, a five year old mobile church. I will be writing a Kidology Report on mobile children’s ministry based upon this visit, so stay tuned! As a sneak peek, here is a flash video of the 20 minutes set up of the Kids Church room speeded up to three minutes. Enjoy:

But first, Texas style breakfast…


But before all the great ministry, Jeramy made me get up an hour earlier than necessary to take me to his favorite donut joint, Round Rock Donuts. Reportedly ranked #2 in the entire USA by an independant British pastry reviewer. (Krispy Kremes didn’t even make the list)


There were many choices, how would I decide? And then I saw:


The Texas Donut! WOW! It was the biggest donut I’d ever seen. Here it is next to large muffins to give a better idea of the size:


When in Texas, eat like Texans… so I ordered a Texas Donut:


After a few bites, (and a smaller chocolate covered yum yum) we were off to the Kidology To Go host where I continued to work on my donut during seminar breaks:


After the conferen it was off to Jeramy’s house to meet his wife and kids and to enjoy some of Jeramy’s hand-battered Steaks!


and WOW it was a great steak! I always make sure to get a steak when I’m in Texas, and this was one of the best yet! (Jeramy’s secret: Daddy Hinkles)


Dinner, Texas style! Sunday I went to Jeramy’s church (reporting on that later) and then on the way to the airport, we headed into downtown Austin.


Texas Capital. Christmas decorations already??


Jeramy and his kids walking to Austin Children’s Museum.


Me and the kids behind a giant magafying glass.


Hands on experience? I decided to milk this opportunity to learn.

Then we decided to take a bus ride, and the driver nicely let me drive! But it was a bad idea, I quickly lost control of the bus:



It was a great weekend, and I look forward to posting more from the two wonderful children’s ministries I observed, but right now (on the plane!) I am just eager to get home to my beautiful wife and adorable son.

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Karl Bastian is the founder of Kidology.org, the creator of ToyboxTales.com, and the author of OrderoftheAncient.com. His personal website is Kidologist.com He is Big Kid with a passion for equipping and encouraging those who minister to children.


  1. Before we moved to Richmond, VA. we lived in Texas. San Marcos to be exact about 30 miles from Austin and I used to go to Austin all the time. Aren’t Round Rock Donuts just the best! My kids used to love the children’s museum, in fact we had an annual membership.

  2. I love to hear or read about the adventures you have at other churches. Keep them coming.

  3. That doughnut is hilarious. Only in Texas. :-) Did you finish it? I loved the video. Looked like you had a fun time. Was that Texas toast with your steak?

  4. Karl, Sounds like you had a great time in Austin with Jeremy. Way too much fun for such a serious guy that you are. I enjoyed the Steak and Shake routine. The donut was just too funny. I am sure glad you got those pictures, because no one would believe it. You even had time for the Children’s Museum? How great. The flash video was fun to watch. Pretty amazing that whole set and room only took twenty minutes to set up. I noticed you were a great help too. Great memories of good times, huh? Thanks for sharing. Oh by the way, How was the Kidology to Go? Hope you will tell a little about how that went. Barney

  5. Wow, Texas looks like a really fun place to be…. that donut is WAY too big though!

  6. oops, I posted this comment after the wro ng post. Here it is again:

    “Hey Karl,
    Are you still planning to do the Kidology report on mobile children’s ministry that you mentioned above or did that get lost in your plans?”

  7. still in the plans… the weekend (above) was so busy, i didn’t get my interview with Jeramy in (and he had his kids with him the whole time due to wife’s nursing schedule that weekend) so once that is done, i will be doing the report… the reminder is welcome, however! :)

  8. Thanks Karl! I’ll keep my eyes open for it – especially since I just joined the staff of a portable church!

  9. We laughed at the picture of jeremy holding steaks for at least half an hour today. We will laugh at it some more, I’m sure. WE’ve identified jeremy as one of our steak-holders for our public relations campaign that is designed to curb childhood obesity. If you know how to get a hold of jeremy, please send him my e-mail address,as i’d like to interview him.

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