You Must Confront Vision!

I often like to give my blog readers “sneak peeks” of things to come over on, and so here I go again. As I mentioned recently, Kidology Online Training is now live, with the first “Leadership Lab” titled (appropriately) First Things First.

Well, the second Leadership Lab will be live in only a few days and is titled, Visionary Leadership. I’ll post more about it when it goes live, but due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the 100th Toybox Tale, “A Day in the Life of a Children’s Pastor,” – made for adults, rather than Kids, I did it again, bringing back one of the most asked-for characters I (kinda) created, NoDuh, the Wise One.

In this, the 101st Toybox Tale, you get to listen in on the private session of a children’s pastor with her counselor… NoDuh, the Wise One, as he gently lets her know, that in order to survive in children’s ministry leadership, She Must Confront Vision!

You Must Confront Vision!

ENJOY! I’ll let you know when the rest of LAB 02 goes live!

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Karl Bastian is the founder of, the creator of, and the author of His personal website is He is Big Kid with a passion for equipping and encouraging those who minister to children.

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  1. Karl, This is Classic Karl! You did it again. I am so impressed. Doing vignettes in the life of a Children’s Pastor makes so much sense. This was very funny and true. I thought it was great making these for kids, but now making for adults is really raising the bar with Toy Box Tales. You could do something like this for any leadership lab series or any other training series for that matter. This is unique to you and you should continue this creative fun. I like it. Good job, my friend. Barney

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