A Pirate on the Side of the Road

Saw my first Veggie Pirate Movie ad today since I went to the early screening. I was able to grab my camera and snap this out the passenger window while at a red light:


Since I first announced this film was coming I’ve been curious how the marketing would be. I get their e-mails regularly and I , but I’m curious how the general public will find out about the movie since Universal is underwriting and marketing it. It is only a few weeks away… I hope I see more promotion. It really is a great film with a fantastic message.

HOW MUCH ADVERTISING HAVE YOU SEEN? Where? I do encourage you to see it in theaters. Christians whine a lot about the poor morals of films, and then when secular film production companies come out with something wholesome and truly good entertainment, we tend to yawn or wait until DVD. If that is the case, we really have no right to complain when the world “spices” things up to grow their audience.

Let’s show them we’ll come out for good wholesome fun. And it’s not like it is a mercy viewing, it really is a very fun and entertaining movie!

If you missed when we had the “Bob and Larry” on Kidology.org a few weeks ago, you can read the transcript of the Q and A we hosted as our part of helping to promote the film. Phil and Mike did a great job, and yes, I am saving my personal e-mails I got from them. I know they are “just men” – but they have made a profound impact on our culture and I was honored to be able to help them promote their latest effort to shine some Light into the world!

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  1. I went to the screening too…and it’s kinda strange how LITTLE promotion I’m seeing for this. Maybe they’re waiting until after Christmas?
    Don’t know how early they start running commercials and all….
    I’ve seen a lot of sweeny todd (sp?) and no veggies at all.

  2. There are two big signs out here in McHenry and I’ve seen the TV ad twice on Cartoon Network!

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