POP Goes the Ear!

Well, at 9:58 a.m., nearly 48 hours since the world went silent… my EAR POPPED! I actually had thought it was coming back and had told family I was at 90% hearing as I could finally at least talk to people and hear what they were saying, but I must have been at only 50-60% because as I sat here eating brunch and doing some writing on Leadership Lab 03, my ear suddenly POPPED and I suddenly felt like I was standing under a waterfall of noise, or like I had stepped behind the engine of a jumbo jet! I actually said “WHOA!” out loud and got a few looks from neighboring tables.

In case you are curious, here is an animated GIF that shows how/why your ear gets stopped up. It is from this page that explains how your ear gets “blocked” and how to unblock your ears. (A method that did not work for me)


Ah, the world has so many sounds now! I can hear the clatter of some dishes in the kitchen, the clanking of a cart going by, the humming of some distant machine, the whining of some kid, the gossiping of some girls nearby, the stomach sounds of the guy behind me, or was that…. maybe being deaf wasn’t so bad?

But it will be nice when I get outside and can hear the wind in the trees and the chattering of birds! ahhhhhh

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  1. Karl, Glad you have ears to hear again. As you know, not all that have ears hear, it is after all, hearing that counts in the spiritual realm too. I was praying for your hearing yesterday. Glad you will now be able to settle in to the CPC schedule in Florida. I look forward to seeing in Los Angeles next week. Hoping you can come to the Magic Castle after all. Thanks for the animated explanation of how the ear works with pressure, that was cool. Barney

  2. Good thing you got your hearing back! I wish I cold be at CPC!!!! But my church has less than $200 dollars for conferances this year (see you at Kid-u, don’t have to pay for plane or hotel!) and I’m spending my vacation in Sydney, yeah thats right Australia.

  3. Karl, pick up a set of “Earplanes” at the nearest Hudson’s News. I guarantee that you will never have to wait for your ears to pop again. I have a vacuum problem in my ears and so they don’t pop at all and they work great.

  4. So glad your ear ‘popped!’ Believe me, I can relate…
    I’ve had my leftear plugged for some 15 years now…
    Had both ears plugged for 7 years as a child (from age 7 to 14). I’ve been to ENT specialists and had audiological testing performed as a child and as an adult. “We can’t find anything wrong so we can’t fix it” is what I’m told. At age 14 my parents took me to a quiet prayer meeting (no hoopla) which was very embarrassing (to be taken up front to have intercessory prayer in front of others). I didn’t feel any different, however over the course of one or two months I realized that my hearing was ‘back to normal’ with no more plugged ears! I thank the Lord that He healed me after seven years, I truly believe that. I have had intercessory prayer a number of times since my ear’s been plugged as an adult yet I continue to deal with this… please pray that God will heal my ear (and other pain arthritic issues I have at age 44). No matter the outcome… God is good, all the time! All the time, God is good!

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