Karl to be Interviewed on Radio


At 5:15 p.m., February 22nd, Chicago time, I will be interviewed for 15 minutes as a part of WPEO‘s live coverage of the Peoria, Illinois Equip Conference. It does not appear their radio station is streamed online (that I can find) so unless you live within this map, you’ll probably not be able to stop whatever you are doing for my fifteen minutes of fame… well, fifteen minutes on the radio anyway.


Karl’s Radio Coverage for 15 Minutes Tomorrow!

But it will be fun anyway. I’ve been interviewed twice on WMBI (not counting my youth group appearance on Saturday Night Live with Ron Hutchcraft in high school) Of course, it’s fun to be on the radio – but the best was when Rush Limbaugh read my e-mail on his show back in the early 90’s – I still have people tell me they heard that. (another story for another time, and I actually missed it!)

At any rate – let me know if you get to hear it! They will be interviewing many of the other speakers through tomorrow and Saturday so if you can get the station, listen in for other great interviews as well. My good friend Tim Balogh got to be interviewed last year when Kidology exhibited at Equip and Tim was the Kidology trainer.


Tim at Equip Last Year.

Better yet, if you can come to Equip, there is still room to sign up for the Kidology tract on Saturday! Workshops are:

  • First Things First
  • Unleashing Your Own Creativity
  • Teaching Lessons That Last
  • Making Your Disciple Problems “Disappear!”
  • Secrets of Effective Communicators
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