Star Wars According to a 3 Year Old


A friend sent me a link to this video on YouTube – so I snagged it* for your enjoyment here!


Luke loved sitting here listening to it! I can’t wait until he starts to understand and enjoy Star Wars. (no, he’s not seen it yet!)

*I snag YouTube videos so that I still have them after they disappear, get moved, or are removed from YouTube.

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  1. Oh my, that is too awesome.

  2. That is great. By the way how and what do you use to snag youtube videos?

  3. With the possible exception of children so wrought with violence-related trauma that therapeutic cinema is prescribed, on what planet is showing violent PG or higher rated movies considered beneficial to their emotional growth? When will we learn that desensitizing children to violence is not a good thing? How can one justify scaring kids like that, and forcing them to try to reconcile the difference between adult entertainment and the rest of the world they wrestle to make sense of? And to condone this in any way, posting it, commenting on it, indeed-not condemning it in any way, is ignorant at best, and shameful from my perspective.

    I am impressed, however, that this was allowed to be posted as free speech and exchange of ideas is crucial for ADULTS to sustain and refine a democratic society, as opposed to those institutions that pick and choose what gets printed for their own egocentric agenda.


    I am further disappointed that this was edited/censored/kept covered up because it challenged the beliefs of someone who is not confident enough to expose themselves to public scrutiny.

    Whatever may apply.

  4. Dismayed – have you SEEN Star Wars? Are you a parent of a young child? I don’t sensor comments unless they are vulgar or mean, so I approved this comment though I think you might be over-reacting a tad bit too much to this clip. At any rate, not sure what you are saying was edited or censored? The video or your comments? I don’t know about the video, but your comments are posted “as is” for all the world to read and scratch their head.

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