Radio Waves and GIANT Pork Tenderloin

As blogged last week, I got to be interviewed at the Equip Conference in Peoria last week. It was fun to talk about how my mom encouraged me as a boy to not wait until I “grew up” to serve the Lord (some would say I still haven’t!) as well as to give some highlights of the workshops. I gotta tell ya, radio interviews always go by SO fast… those 15 minutes seemed like only 5!


They had me busy speaking nearly every session so the booth was run by some of our staff who did a great job, even dealing with the weirdos that come by the booth!


Afterward we headed out to a local pub (recommended by my good Christian friend Bill Allison) who recommended I order their famous Pork Tenderloin… he said it was GIANT… and he wasn’t kidding!


It was almost as big as the Giant Donut I had in Texas! I ordered without even looking at the menu (or the price) and dove in!


That is one giant sandwich! There no way I was going to be able to finish it! So what do you do with a giant sandwich that you can’t finish?


Play tic-tac-toe with your staff!


I’m the X’s, and was allowed to go first!


HA! foolish move! The game was won, but I didn’t let on just yet!


Contining the set up with a forced block misdirect…


Mwaaaaaaa haha! Another wasted move… Everything was proceeding as I had foreseen….


What choice did my foe truly have? None! But they tried in vain.


The VICTORY WAS MINE! Defeated my foe was! Vanquished into Nothingless!


It is a day that will be long remembered.

(The guy at the table next to us took the left-overs home to his dog)

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  1. That is the greatest use of a Giant sandwich I have ever seen!!!

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