Kat Says “Hi” to me Again!

Well, the last time I blogged about Live News Cameras and got the moderator Kat to say hi to me seems that I made my director web operations Steve a little jealous. You see it was Steve who TOLD me about Live News Cameras, and he had been following it since it launched and even blogged about it so when I got his favorite moderator to say hi to ME he let me know that he had been following her longer than me and even knew more about her, where she lived, etc., but that he wasn’t stalking her or anything! (hmmmm)

Then today he tells me she is back from vacation! (not stalking, huh?) Well, to make up for it, I immediately logged on to Live News Cameras and e-mailed Kat again and this time asked how her vacation was and asked her to say hi to Steve for me, and she did! Hopefully this puts me back on good terms with Steve. It’s a good thing that me and Kat are obviously such good friends now and that she has twice responded to my e-mails live on a channel that is watched nation-wide by probably millions of online viewers.


Maybe someday Steve will get the courage to e-mail her himself and say “hi.” :)

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  1. awesome, she obviously got a kick out of that. probably few people actually bother to email and say hi. im assuming she mentioned the vacation and it isn’t that your friend steve hangs outside the studio and followed her to the airport and saw what airline she got on??

  2. i think that’s exactly what he did! ;)

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