Thinking of Raising My Son on Arby’s Values!

Got my son a kids meal at Arby’s and was pleased to see that the kids meal bag had some characters values on it. I may scan the bag side when I get home. Unfortunately, their website needs work or perhaps still under development because none of it is on their website other than a mere passing mention of the core values and nothing is clickable on the kids page other than some menu items, but I really liked the six “Values” they present to kids and how they define them on the kids meal bag.

In a world that more and more just seeks to entertain kids and sell to them, it was refreshing to see a for profit company try to give some positive character instruction with apparently nothing to gain in return! I applaud Arby’s for seeking to invest in kids rather than simply profit from them.

Here is what they presented as six Core Values are how they defined them for kids:

    “If you can dream it, you can do it!”
    “Do the best you can, in all that you do.”
    “Set high goals and make them happen.”
    “Always treat other with respect and fairness.”
    “Make the most of every day. Life is meant to be enjoyed.”
    “Help make life better for those around you.”

I actually had some verses come to mind for each of these…. maybe you could do a Kid’s Church unit based on Arby’s with the theme of the “Beef of Scripture” or “Roasting Life” or something. Anyway, I applaud Arby’s for encouraging kids to think about higher values. Way to go Arby’s. Now they just need to get their website up to date and find some creative ways to build on these core values to encourage kids to focus on them in creative ways.

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  1. Great post. I am actually going to look for a Arbys to just look at their bags. I will most likely preach on Arby’s some day.

  2. That’s great! I usually just split a regular meal with Lucy if we are ever at Arby’s, but maybe next time I’ll get her a kid’s meal and take a peek. If you have Chick-fil-A in your area, they are owned by Christians and their kid’s meals come with little board books that talk about values (honesty, helpfulness, etc.) or art, or science, or other redeeming ways to spend your time, not just entertainment — just be sure to ask for the “3-and-under” prize. (They do have SOME info about them on their website:

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