The Last $1000 Needed for Leukemia Research!

TONIGHT AT 7pm Eastern you can watch (Live via U-Stream) the LAST $1000 BEING RAISED FOR  LEUKEMIA RESEARCH!


A Kid Making a Difference

Cam is the son of a woman I met at CPC last week:


Heather and Me @ CPC Nashville 2010

I first ‘met’ Heather when she e-mailed me via and told me about the amazing and moving testimony on YouTube by her pastor’s 19 year old son just ten days before he died of lymphoblastic leukemia last August. He died on Wednesday and her team needed to lead VBS in the midst of their grief knowing that Ben, who had once been a prominent leader at such events, was now with Jesus. His story is both sad and yet moving and wonderful at the same time. I was moved to tears hearing of how it has impacted their church and was delighted to meet Heather after one of my workshops.

I then got to hear about the “Ben Ripple” – how Ben’s life and testimony has been impacting the children since he died, including Heather’s son, who announced to her recently that he would be hosting a concert to help others survive what took Ben’s life.

Please take a moment to read this article in the Beacon Heard: Finding Purpose After the Pain.

Why did I title this post “The Last $1000 Needed for Leukemia Research” ? When Cam was at the Canadian Cancer Society setting up his event so they could accept donations, he said to them “Wouldn’t it be awesome if this were the last $1,000 that needed to be raised for leukemia research?” I love the faith of children! I think it would be AWESOME if it was the last $1000 needed!


Cam at the Keyboards Practising

I was so moved by this boys desire to make a difference and  I was disappointed I couldn’t be there for the concert, so I gently pushed Heather to live web-stream the event and guess what, she is doing it!

So let me encourage you to DONATE, even a little. Here’s the scoop:

If Cam raises $1500, his dad has to shave his head! I don’t think his dad was counting on a guy with a highly read blog helping his son, so let’s make sure his dad goes bald folks!

And, if you want to bless them a little more, drop in for the concert, as you’ll be able to chat during the concert too. I’ll be there, so let’s encourage this young boy.

I’ve always said, kids don’t yet believe they can’t make a difference – so we need to encourage them!

UPDATE: The event is over, here is a video hightlight, enjoy, it only 50 seconds:

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  1. Hi Karl,
    Thank you for your encouragement to Heather and Cameron. They are an amazing family and I am a proud Mom & Nana. I will be there and thank you to everyone for your support. Cam’s brother Owen is playing as well as other friends.

  2. You’re very welcome. It was a pleasure to meet you, heather’s “sister” as well! I just hope to be able to post an update with a picture of bald dad soon!

  3. Hi Karl,
    My name is Lisa Elliott, better known these days as “Ben’s Mom”. It was my son whose life and death has inspired Cameron Marshall (along with so many others via personal connection, prayerful connection and what’s now known as “The Ben Ripple” facebook group). My heart has been blessed to think that you would take such an interest in Cameron’s plight that you would post it on your blog! Let the Ben Ripple continue and to God be the glory!

  4. Lisa, what a sweet honor to have you drop by my blog. As a pastor’s son myself – I was touched by your story. I’m sure Heather told you that my family went through something similar, though each journey is certainly different. When my parents as a senior pastor/wife lost a daughter at five days old to a rare birth defect. I was eleven years old. They named her Blessing Faith as a testimony to God’s will and provision. Like Ben, she had a ministry beyond her short life and a profound effect on the Body of Christ after her passing. I have been praying for you family as you seek to lead and ministry while going through your own grief and healing. I’m sure seeing things like Cam’s concert gives glimmers of hope and signs that Ben’s light will continue to shine beyond the years he was given to serve the Lord. May God continue to bless your family and ministry even as your heart aches for him. What a blessed hope we have. Guess what? Ben and and Blessing may just be playing together!

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