Worst Possible Election Outcome

OK – I’m a political junkie… (if you don’t like politics, skip this post.)

Right now, here is the latest standings according to one of my favorite political pundants, Karl Rove: (click to view bigger)

I decided to download the iPad App FOX NEWS You Decide 2012 Map, which lets you track your OWN Electoral Map – (kinda cool, for politcal junkies, like me.)

I went ahead and played with it:

I gave Florida to Obama…

As much as it hurt, I gave up Colorado too.

But for reasons I won’t get into here, I took Ohio for Romney, along with Wisconsin due to the success Scott Walker has had despite three recall attempts, but gave up Michigan.

I gave up New Hampshire as well. The East Coast is too close to Washington D.C. to get what really runs this country.

And just to be generous, I gave up Nevada (though I expect a lot of Mormons to vote for Romney, I dont’ assume they are the majority of the state? But then again, there is Las Vegas values there too. So I just don’t want to assume.)

Then I took Iowa as good mid-western state with sensible people and due to tracking polls I’ve read.

The result shocked me. I’ve not seen anyone predict a possibility of this:

(Click to View Larger)

269 to 269?!

Oh, boy. Wouldn’t THAT be interesting!

The good news is, I think Florida is going Romney. But this would be a very interesting scenario!

WHAT HAPPENS IF THERE IS A TIE? (very entertaining!)

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  1. So what actually happens in the case of a tie? Coin flip? :)

  2. If Romney wins this way, we will never hear the end of it. It will be worse than how Bush “stole” the election from Gore.

    I think voter turnout will favor Republicans and give Romney the win.

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