NO MORE Making Time for Family

I’ve made a decision, and by God’s grace and power, I’m sticking to it. Are you ready?

Here it is:

Never again am I going to make time for my family!

That’s right. I am DONE making time for my family. No more. Never Again. I Quit. I’ve spent over ten years making time for my wife, and then when I became a dad I started making time for my son too. And I was totally wrong to do so! I have learned my lesson, and have made a personal commitment to never ever again make time for either of them.

Have I lost my mind? No, quite to the contrary – I have finally found it! While I have always claimed to put family first – my proof was in all the time I “made” for them. The days off, the dates, the dinners, the vacations, the coming home for a meal, the night time feedings and play time on the floor… all the things I took a break from ministry to do. What?!?!? Did you just hear the insanity in that last sentence?! The “break from ministry” I took to “make” time for my family? I’m ashamed to admit it, but I don’t think I am alone, so I am taking the risk of being honest and hoping I am not alone in my former illness.

I suspect there are many others that still have it, and are as blind to the symptoms as I was. The illness is called Ministryitis, or more accurately diagnosed, it is closer to Significancia. It is a condition where one finds their significance primarily in their service to God and therefore lives to serve God from the moment they arise in the morning until the time they collapse into their bed exhausted at night. They are serving God with passion, and energy, and creativity, and zeal, and sincerity, and with every good intention to please God and lead others to Him… but they fail to see that God called them FIRST to simply BE a child of His, and secondly to BE a husband, or wife, or parent to the children in their home. There ought not be ANY “carving out of time for family.” Family IS your life. Ministry is just something you do for God. Don’t ever let it become your life. Or the results can be catostrophic. The greatest sigfificance you can have in God’s eyes is by being faithful to the primary relationships He has given you…. your family.

Therefore my new commitment is this:

Never again am I going to make time for my family,

I will instead make time for ministry.

and then I will go home to where my life truly rests.

Live for God, Love your Family,

and if time permits, make some time for ministry too!

This was originally written March 18, 2007 in a personal online journal. Wanted to live it for a few years before I posted it.

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  1. I love your heart man. Thanks for sharing this! We need more people to get this message. Whether it is ministry, work, hobbies…whatever it is was intended to be secondary by God. He created the family as his primary instrument of ministry, and given that He never changes, He wouldn’t do anything to impede that mission.

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