Fall Hike to Some Lakes

Friday, I ditched work (something that’s a little easier to do when yer da boss!) and headed out to the mountains for a day hike with a friend to check out a hike to three lakes up in the mountains east of Idaho Springs. And it turned out to be a beautiful way to spend the day. Dinner on Friday was the beginning of our church’s “Men’s Advance” (real men don’t ‘retreat’) in Fraser, CO, so I decided to spend the day hiking to get into the right frame of mind to the men’s retreat… ooops, advance.

It was a beautiful day and the aspens were in full yellow changing!

The first lake, Chinns, had an old cabin on it that we had lunch in it. It was pretty awesome wondering the history of this settlement.

The next lake, Sherman, was less exciting, but it did have a cool tree out in it that we posed for some pictures out on.

Another view of Chinns Lake from up above on our way to Slater Lake.

Here is Craig Wilson checking out Slater Lake, and as you can see, there was snow still on the hillside belong the lake… where we would soon be heading…

Can you find Craig up on the hill? (on the snow?)

The view back down to Slater Lake from the top of the snow pack! See all the mountains in the distance? They were as far as the eye could see! (And we never saw another hiker the entire time we were there.)

I “skied” down the snow on my rear end! (and pretty fast too!) Until I hit the rocks! Craig caught a pic when I hit the rocks at the bottom:

Of course I enjoy trying to spot some beauty during the day, its my way of worshiping through my lens:

If you want to see more pictures, enjoy this YouTube video:

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  1. Thanks for the pics! Looking to head up here this fall. Aspens are beautiful!

  2. Thanks! Hadn’t seen these pics and video in a few years, enjoyed seeing them again.

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