Worshiping Thru My Lens

Everyone worships God differently. The Bible says those who don’t worship God, are fools. (Creation indeed leaves them without excuse.) But how they worship God, varies based on personality and interests. Some sing. Some paint. Some build. Some create. Some meditate. Some think. Some write. Some serve.

While I find many means of worship enjoyable and meaningful, one that I find most pleasing and satisfying I call “worshiping through my lens.” It is simply enjoying and attempting to capture God’s Creation through the lens of my camera, and then taking some time to edit with iPhoto.

I enjoy the compliments I get and people are often surprised I’m not a “Photoshop” expert and do everything I do to my photos with only iPhoto. So I thought this time, instead of just posting photos from my Father’s Day outing to the Denver Botanic Gardens (where we have a membership) I’d go ahead and give you my “before and after” pics to show you the difference between the pics I took and the way they look after I had some fun on the computer with them.

NOTE: All pics can be clicked to be viewed larger.

White Daisies (BEFORE)

White Daisies (AFTER) See the bug?

Hungry Bee (BEFORE)

Hungry Bee (AFTER)

Lonely Flower (BEFORE)

Lonely Flower (AFTER)

Red Rose (BEFORE)

Red Rose (AFTER)

Purple Fields (BEFORE)

Purple Fields (AFTER)

Busy Ants (BEFORE)

Busy Ants (AFTER)

Fire Flower (BEFORE)

Fire Flower (AFTER)

Waves of Grain (BEFORE)

Waves of Grain (AFTER)

And then, of course, I shoot pictures of my favorite subjects: (no ‘before’ on these)

I often do this… it is relaxing and my own personal form of worship to sit and edit photos of nature on my Mac. I don’t post them often, because I don’t assume they would make for a very interesting blog if I did it often. At times I think I should start a photo-blog, but then that would be another website to maintain and I have enough websites already!

Tell me (in comments) How do you worship?

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  1. I am not sure I have any unique ways but some that I often enjoy doing over others for worshiping would be: Journaling, Mowing the yard, fishing is probably my ultimate.

    There are a couple of my ways to worship.

  2. Mowing would definitely NOT be worship for me! LOL, but I do enjoying journaling very much. Fishing… do I have to eat them? Or can I just toss ’em back? They smell and taste terrible! But the quiet sitting in the boat and waiting part I could get in to.

  3. We are catch and release for the most part. I enjoy even sitting along the bank and listening to everything that is going on and watching the water and listening to it for me is extremely relaxing.

    I think I am going to have to try and slip out now to do a little fishing.

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