Day 5 – Thankful for Pandora

This is part of a series called 24 Days of Thankfulness. These posts are in RANDOM order, NOT priority order. Each is something I am thankful for leading up to Thanksgiving.

DAY #5: Pandora!

I was going to say “Music” but wanted to be more modern, and Pandora is the #1 way I listen to music now, whether it is at the computer, on my iPhone, driving or in the morning getting ready for my day. If you don’t know what Pandora is – you are truly missing out!

Whether you use the iPhone/iPad app or the website, Pandora allows you to create your own custom “radio stations” based on the music you like and the mood you are in. You can enter any song, artist or genre of music and it will create a “station” or channel of music based on that entry and play music you will like that is “like” that original entry.

As they explain on their site:

We believe that each individual has a unique relationship with music – no one else has tastes exactly like yours… the Music… spans everything from this past Tuesday’s new releases all the way back to the Renaissance and Classical music… Each song…  is analyzed using up to 400 distinct musical characteristics… [and]  …is updated on a continual basis with the latest releases, emerging artists, and an ever-deepening collection of catalogue titles.

By utilizing the wealth of musicological information stored… Pandora recognizes and responds to each individual’s tastes. The result is a much more personalized radio experience – stations that play music you’ll love – and nothing else. (abrrevieated)

This is by far my most used iPhone and iPad app, besides my communication apps, like Mail, Twitter and Facebook.

My favorite channels that I have created:
(I won’t tell you all of them, too embarrassing!)

Alison Krauss & Union Station

Bebo Norman

Clint Black

George Strait

George Winston

Jeremy Riddle

John Williams

Kenny Chesney

Kenny G

Lady Antebellum

Madness Radio

Mannheim Steamroller

Newsboys Radio

Phil Driscoll

Spooky Symphony
(see comments below)

Star Wars (Film Score)
(MY FAVORITE, not because it plays Star Wars,
but because it plays movie soundtracks.)

The Stars and Stripes
(Great during fireworks shows!)

Walt Disney (Children’s)


TELL ME YOUR PANDORA CHANNELS in comments, please!

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  1. Love this theme — what a good idea for November! I love Pandora too. We have it on almost every day. I heard this crazy song “Marvin the Magical Hot Dog” on my daughter’s Veggie Tales station, and loved it so much, I made a whole other station for songs like it. Very funny!

    Lindsey @

  2. Lindsey, that’s the beauty of Pandora, you discover cool stuff, and can use it to make new channels, and then discover even more awesome music! It’s like the “Six Degrees of Keven Bacon” – all music is related somehow!

  3. Oh, my wife said I shouldn’t have left “Spooky Symphony” off my list! It was the channel I found to play for the trick or treaters who came to our door and that I played almost non-stop for the week of Halloween, I loved it! I didn’t like Halloween Channels because they played songs with lyrics about Halloween, a lot of which I didn’t really like the content, but that channel was just symphonies that had a dark or spooky theme to them, mostly movie soundtracks and classical music, it was great. So I edited and added it!

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