You’re a V.I.P. to R.O.B.


That smilin’ guy to the right? He helped lead my son to Christ and he wasn’t even in the same state!

How did he manage that?

Well, it was his music. And in particular the song “I’m Follin’ Jesus.” (Free download below.)

Here are the lyrics:

“I’m Followin’ Jesus” (from the CD “GET OUT THERE!”)
words and music by ©2005 Rob Biagi/BMI

On the road of life
There are two ways to go:
You can choose Abundant Life, or say,
“Whatever, dude – We’ll see how it goes…”

Now I don’t know about you
I just know about me
And I know what to do
If I wanna be free!

I’m followin’ Jesus – Jesus
I’m followin’ Jesus – Jesus

Down the road we go – it’s really rather odd
We can play it safe and slow – or fly through life with God!

I don’t know about you
And everyone’s goin’ that way
I just wanna be free
So I’m gonna walk by faith!

I’m followin’ Jesus – Jesus
I’m followin’ Jesus – Jesus!

My son explains to me one day that he accepted Christ all by himself in bed. When I asked how and why, he said,

“Well, it’s like your friend sings, ‘There are two ways you can go, and you have to choose.’ And I’m choosing to follow Jesus.”

It doesn’t get much clearer than that!

If you aren’t using Rob’s music in your children’s ministry, you are depriving your kids of some of the best written, best sounding and most meaningful Christian music available for children. There is a lot of fun fluff out there that passes as children’s worship music – and a lot of adult worship music jazzed up for kids, but Rob’s music communicates solid biblical themes kids need to hear within tunes they enjoy hearing and singing. There are only a few Christian Children’s Artists of his caliber, and he’s my favorite solo artist.

AND THIS MONTH, (September 2013) you can get a TON OF HIS MUSIC FOR FREE if you are a Kidology Member! And his latest CD for only $10!

What are you waiting for?

Download: I’m Followin’ Jesus (4.1MB MP3)


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