Kidmin on Steroids!


If you want to see how kids ministry ought to be done, you have GOT to host a Kidz Blitz event at your church! Every time I see Kidz Blitz in action, I am inspired to step up the level of excitement and engagement in my own teaching ministry to kids.

When I am asked to describe it, I usually answer, “It’s Kids Church on Steroids!”


I have hosted Kidz Blitz several times in the past – but recently they were at a church in my neighborhood so I took my son, and he had a BLAST!


They know  how to engage an audience of kids AND parents with a perfect tempo of fun yet educational interaction – plus the Gospel is shared clearly as well.


My son keeps asking, “When will that Kidz Blitz thing be back?”


So, if you are looking for an AMAZING outreach event or church family event – you need to give Kidz Blitz a look! They’ve been doing this for years and have perfected the fun, family event that everyone will enjoy!

Here is a SNEAK PEEK of some video clips I took during the event to give a small taste of what a Kidz Blitz event is like:

And if you are in children’s ministry, make sure you are getting Roger’s Newsletter and following his blog.  It is always thought provoking and powerful! (and check out the Game Page on the site!)

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