Do You Love to Equip and Encourage in Kidmin?

Do you love to Equip and Encourage in Kidmin?

Many in children’s ministry are struggling to survive each week – they are beginners just figuring things out. They are needing help and are seeking it all over the web. They end up on by the thousands daily.

Are YOU that special breed THAT LOVE TO HELP kidmins like that?

Long before Facebook, Twitter, or any other kidmin blog or website – has existed for the SOLE purpose of Equipping and Encouraging Those in Children’s MinistryAND YOU CAN JOIN OUR TEAM. As we approach our 20 year birthday, we are looking to grow our ministry team. is the single largest online database of collective HELP for those in children’s ministry – and it has gotten that way because of people who share my passion for Equipping and Encouraging Those in Children’s Ministry.

  • Do you love answering questions?
  • Do you love to write?
  • Do you love to publish materials?
  • Do you love to share what you create? offers the perfect place for you to MINISTER to other kidmins ALL OVER THE WORLD! And we need your help. We have a volunteer team of Kidmin Professionals (tho ‘professional’ doesn’t mean they are paid staff – it is a statement of their quality and excellence) who serve on staff at Kidology writing, serving, advising, answering questions in our forum, and ministering to the thousands who visit our website daily from all corners of the globe. (Side note: how can a globe have corners?) Our Kidmin Pro Team have a private forum where we also minister to each other. It’s a fun team to be on.

If you blog, write, create, encourage, share, teach, coach, advise, or are otherwise a nut about children’s ministry – you ought to be on the Kidology Kidmin Pro Team. We write movie reviews for Kidology, World of Kids for K Magazine, and in general use our gifts to keep kidmins out there Equipped and Encouraged.

If you are interested in joining the Kidmin Pro Teamplease let me know! Just put “I’m interested in the Kidmin Pro Team” in the comments box when you contact me, or tweet or e-mail me. Just let me know!

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