Avoiding a Train Wreck with Coaching

coachinglogo13Another Kidology Coaching Thank You Letter has come in! If you have been considering Coaching, these thank you letters are a great way to learn more about how our coaching program changes both lives and ministries. Enjoy:

Dear Karl,                                                   March 28, 2014

I began the Kidology Coaching Program in the fall of 2011. At the time, I was serving in a part-time shared children’s co-coordinator position in a church experiencing rapid growth.

I had seen burnout in children’s ministry. I did not want this to happen to me. I knew I needed some direction from someone experienced in the area of children’s ministry. I believe there would have been a great chance for me to burnout, if it weren’t for the Kidology Coaching program.

The Kidology Coaching Program has taught me lessons on how to accomplish more with less effort. I am planning ahead better and delegating more. I am now training my Intern and my leadership teams.

With the challenges of a rapid growing ministry and my own personal challenges, I could have easily had a major train wreck, which was averted.


The first step was to slow down the train and get all the different programs going in the same direction. Then we began to add new programs one-at-a-time—more cars to the train. We are now the largest children’s ministry program in our area.

Coaching helped my leadership evolve from a part-time Co-Coordinator, to half Director, then Licensed, then Ordination. Now, as a three fourth time Children’s Minister. I have a part time Assistant and I am going full time by July 2014.

God is growing this ministry and me — even though I have had many personal challenges. Coaching provided the Career Guidance I needed — better than going back to school.

Karl, I am grateful to you for putting together this program. From my experience I would say,Kidology Coaching is a highly effective program for training children’s leaders.”

I am becoming an advocate for Kidology Coaching and I am now in the Kidology Graduate Program!

Thank You!

Carol Bower, Children’s Minister, Grace Place Church, Enterprise, AL

I would encourage you to prayerfull consider Kidology Coaching for your own personal development and ministry progress. You too will be glad you did!

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