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The “Rookie”

When I was a “rookie kids pastor” back in 1993, not even married yet, before the dawn of the personal computer, (or before they became truly practical anyway) I used to hand draw my Sunday Kid’s Bulletins.  I also used them for a Mail Box Club as an outreach tool.

Doing some “Spring Cleaning” this week, I discovered a box filled with original masters of these bulletins as well as many completed by children. It was fun to find these blank bulletins that I spent hours creating each week as a follow up tool for my lessons. I used to photo-copy them and send them home as well as use them as a follow up tool for magic shows at outreach events. This is all back in 1993 when I was the first Children’s Pastor the historic Moody Church which was founded by the great evangelist D.L. Moody well over 100 years ago.


Below is a downloadable PDF of one of these Kid’s Bulletins / Mailbox Club Bible Lessons.

I post it for two reasons. The first is simply for fun and enjoyment, as a “historical document” of how kidmin was done in the “old days” before all these techno tools the young guns may take for granted today.

But also to ask the question:

Would posting these on have any value?

They are loaded with biblical content, teaching outlines, puzzles and other fun content. I would hardly expect them to be used “as is” but they could stimulate creativity in others perhaps. Would they interest you if they were available in a Zone on, perhaps a Classic Kids Bulletins Zone or something to that effect.

Comment below and let me know what you think of the idea. I could perhaps add one each week as I work through the box. The kids sure enjoyed them and they were a great tool for me in building relationships with kids in and outside of church. I think the hand drawn aspect made them a relational tool in and of themselves, since they were truly “from me,” even though some very basic “Print Shop” computer programs were just becoming available. (Though in 1993 I had to load my OS each time I booted my T1000, and that’s not a Terminator, it was a Toshiba with a 5.5 inch drive!)

Enjoy the download and share your thoughts!

Download the PDF: Kingdom Kids! YOU Can Get to Know God! (1.9 MB)


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  1. LOVE this! It reminds me of some that I did not too much longer after that. I’m gonna have to dig them out again and repurpose them. Thanks for sharing!

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