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SpookyLessonCover2Halloween is a complicated time for Christians. Some simply ignore it, pretending it doesn’t exist, others crusade against it, while others embrace it as an opportunity for ministry, even as they may wish it didn’t exist – and some I supposed love it and don’t see what the “big deal” is.

As a pastor’s kid who grew up with very little emphasis on this day, other than going “Trick or Treating” – I found myself in a dilemma when my own son went nuts over this ‘holiday.’ Not in an unhealthy way, but as a boy, he just loves decorating with webs and spiders and the few skeletons we allow. He’s not much into dressing up, though he goes along with it – and lucky of us, he isn’t a huge candy eater. So after a few blocks of Trick or Treating he often says, “OK, I have enough candy, we can head home,” much to his dad’s surprise. (and a little disappointment, as Dad was hoping for some more mini licorice candies before we quit!)

So as a Christian first, then a dad, and finally as a pastor – I had to ask myself, what do I do with Halloween in light of my son’s interest? Ban it? Embrace it? Or something educational and in between? How do I point my own son toward the Savior who had conquered death, while letting my “boy be a boy,” as there is certainly nothing sinful about the fake spider webs everywhere that I have to tolerate for a month. (“No, Luke, we can’t start Halloween decorations in early September!” I’ve had to say, or “Yes, they have to come down, it’s Thanksgiving now.”)

So what I did was take his favorite skeleton, which I’d named “Mr. Bones” to make him even more ‘friendly’ and created four videos and lessons to go along with them to help him (and other kids) enjoy the fun of a talking skeleton and all the other wholesome or at least innocent elements of this season, but also learn the secret I believe that lies behind the morbid celebrations that seem to be in every culture despite what they may be called. (The secret revealed in the video below!) Halloween may be America’s gloomy holiday, but every country has theirs. And there is a reason why. We need to share this with our kids.

I wanted to help my son see that we don’t have to fear death, because Jesus defeated death.

That is how the “Spooky Lessons of the Bible” came to be, and it’s not to late to pick up the final Single Spooky Lesson in time for your final October events, or even the first Sunday after to reframe their thinking toward the coming Advent celebration.

Meet Mr. Bones:

If you are interested in the Single Lesson, you can get it via Instant Download here: Download or Learn More About Single Spooky Lesson Now

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