Dan Huffman and Creatively Reaching Kids


Kidology.org is the small ministry publisher. Dan Huffman is one of the most creative Children’s Pastors that I know. He often credits Kidology with helping him get started and providing his “blue print” for ministry – but since then, he has always blown me away with the creative ways he reaches children.One of the BEST Christmas Series I’ve ever seen is Dan’s The Stars of Christmas! Dan understands the value of video teaching – but has created a strategy he called “Media Rich but Teacher Driven.”
As Dan says, “kids learn best when they are known and loved,” so small group times are done throughout the entire teaching experience. Best of all – he designed it to be easy! But ‘easy’ doesn’t mean it isn’t excellent. It is Top Notch!

He is also the creator of the Great Adventure Cards – something he created to counter the obsession with Pokemon Cards that he observed in his ministry.

A spin-off from these amazing Bible Cards is the Good News Cards, one of the most engaging and fun Gospel presentations I’ve ever seen.

While the Bible Cards are earned for coming to church, bringing your Bible, friends, participating, etc. – The Good News Cards can’t be earned – because Salvation can’t be earned! Kids can only get them when a volunteer shares the Gospel with them and then gives them the cards. Freely we have received, freely we give!

Oh, and don’t miss his other Gospel Tool: The Gospel Hands Flip-Tract!

You can check out ALL of Dan’s amazing products here: Tadpole Tales Resources

If you are a innovator of creative children’s ministry resources, let me know! And let’s talk about how Kidology.org can help you get it into the hands of other children’s ministry leaders out there. Whether it is ‘product ready’ or just something you want to give away, Kidology can get your resources into the hands of thousands of children’s leaders globally!

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