10 Things You Should Never Do

Just some friendly advice:neverever

  1. Do not put off backing up your computer.
  2. Do not wear white socks with black shoes.
  3. Do not send an angry e-mail.
  4. Do not buy underwear at a thrift store.
  5. Do not donate underwear to a thrift store.
  6. Do not post “following” on a Facebook thread. Just select to be notified.
  7. Do not drive slow in the fast lane.
  8. Do not drive fast in the slow lane.
  9. Do not cut your own hair.
  10. Do not allow volunteers to serve in your children’s ministry without a background check!

Need help with that? Visit Protect My Ministry. They exist to help you ensure the children entrusted to you are being served by qualified adults. Kidology Members get a discount on background checks as well.

Learn more at Kidology.org/protectmyministry

Add a comment with something YOU think you should never do!

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  1. Never wear any color socks with sandals!

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