Securing the Perfect Performer for Your Church Event

GUEST BLOGGER: Josh Denhart, from The Amazing Chemistry Show

Most churches with Children’s Ministries will sooner or later decide to hold an outreach event for those in their church and community. Most likely they will be looking to bring in someone who will not only entertain their kids, but also, hopefully, clearly present the Gospel message. What do you need to prioritize for your event?

Events can draw a crowd! However, the right event can draw a crowd that would normally not attend a traditional event with bounce houses, carnival games, and popcorn.  While it’s fun to see your children bouncing on a bounce house, parents are left as spectators, not participants. 

But Science bridges the gap for people of all ages. Live Science Events allow for everyone to be engaged and entertained. Science intrigues people. In addition, there is nothing quite like giant balls of fire, amazing explosions, and emanating foam! If you’re looking to engage and amaze your audience, while still clearly sharing the Gospel message, then you need to have the right combination of performance and presentation.

Listen, I have been the pastor who brought in national children’s ministry performers.  I had some good results and some disappointing results.  I have taken risks and shared a vision with senior leaders who trusted me with precious resources in order to bring in a special event.  I have been burned.  A cool event that closes with a sub-par presentation of the Gospel is simply unacceptable: “Hey, there were all my cool tricks. Oh and by the way, I suppose I should mention that God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life! Have a great night!” It is not enough for someone to have cool tricks or be funny. An outreach event must be more than just entertainment. Events should share the good news of Jesus in a memorable and honoring way.  

AmazingChemShowI am committed to sharing a clear and winsome presentation of the good news of Jesus.  The unique vehicle of the Amazing Chemistry Show allows me to share the message of Jesus crucified and raised from the dead in a highly visual presentation. I once had a middle-aged, native Iraqi of the Muslim faith approach me after a show and proclaim, “I now understand the message of the Christian Religion. I have understood the premise of Christianity tonight.”  Visual illustrations, a touch of comedy, and the clear message of Jesus combine to create an environment where the seeds can germinate quickly.

I have observed people respond to the message of Jesus the very night of a show.  I have had parents contact me, as well as the host church leaders, to share how they followed up at home and their children prayed to receive Christ. Pastors have reported significant steps of faith and movement by visitors. I even had a pastor share that in the 20+ years of their church’s existence, the Amazing Chemistry Show was the only time attendance matched that of an Easter Sunday.

The Amazing Chemistry Show is a powerful vehicle that God can and does use to share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.  It’s a 32-foot stage production filled with fire, explosions and foam, all set to music.  Through comedy, laughter and audience participation, the Good News of Jesus Christ is clearly communicated in a winsome way that honors the crowd and simultaneously honors the truths of Scripture.

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