Make Child Check-In Fast and Safe!

KidCheck is constantly working to improve child safety and check-in procedures. They are constantly developing new technology that allows parents to easily and quickly check in their child, update their information, and keep track of their pick-up receipts electronically.

The newest software is also improving the usability for children’s ministry workers. Teachers and volunteers can more easily keep track of their attendance, as well as communicate more quickly with the parents when important information needs to be shared.

Check out the latest features below!

express image Express Check-In

With Express Check-In:

  • Parents start check-in on their phone from home, the car, the parking lot – wherever there’s an internet or cellular data connection.
  • Once they arrive, they simply tap ‘submit’ on their device to complete check-in. The KidCheck PrintHub Express recognizes the check-in and prints the associated child name badges and guardian
  • That’s it. Parents no longer need to wait until they arrive at your location, stand in line, or use a check-in station.
  • No waiting in line. No additional check-in station.
  • Convenient, fast, easy.
  • Available in all KidCheck editions

Find more info about Express Check-In
What is Express Check-In (Video)
How Express Check-In Works (Video)

electronic guardian receipt_1

Electronic Guardian Receipts

  • Guardian receipts are available electronically through the KidCheck mobile app.
  • Each time a check-in is processed via a station, tablet, or through Express Check-In, if the parent/guardian has downloaded the KidCheck app, the guardian receipt will be available on their personal mobile device.
  • Easily show/share at check-out. Convenient if one guardian is dropping off and another is picking up as it eliminates the need to “transfer” the printed receipt or print another one altogether.
  • Great backup in case of a lost receipt to have it electronically on a device. Increases efficiency, provides added security, and allows parents to digitally manage check-in details during busy times.

Find out more about Electronic Guardian Receipts

admin console screenshot 2-md

Admin Console App

The KidCheck Admin Console is now available as a mobile app, making it even easier and faster to use. The information your children’s ministry needs and wants right at your fingertips!

  • Easy Classroom Use – Right in the room, using a mobile device, quickly access important child information, see who is checked in, move child locations, issue child pick-up alerts, complete check-out, and more.
  • Strong Child Security – Immediately have a list of children checked-in in case of emergency or fire drill, indicate a child has arrived at the classroom after check-in, see at-a-glance authorized and unauthorized guardians for safe check-out.
  • Fast Parent Communication – Quickly and easily text or call parents right from a mobile device.

No need to use a check-in station or open a web browser to handle important tasks. Simply use a mobile device and the Admin Console App for fast and easy access.

See more about the Admin Console App

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