It’s FINALLY here! is now mobile-friendly!

iphone_k2mdYou’ve been asking – and we’ve been working hard for over a year! is now MOBILE FRIENDLY! CHECK IT OUT!

PLUS! We’ve streamlined things to make your experience better and added some new features!

What’s Changed?

When pioneered the Internet in 1994, it was one of the only places to get creative help for kids ministry online. There was no YouTube, eBay, Yahoo or even Google! was THE place to get kidmin help!

When we launched our fourth version of Kidology in 2001, smartphones were still over five years away and our site was 100% custom code. Having a massive custom site has been why it has been a long and costly process to update to this mobile era! Back then, forums were state-of-the-art and no other website offered member content, e-commerce, forums, conferences, a job center, resource directory, and so much more. We CELEBRATE that now there are MANY amazing ministries and website that have joined us in Equipping and Encouraging those who minister to children.

Yet, remains the largest children’s ministry website, with the most content, training, products, and resources with the lowest membership fee, and we are proud of that!

But we are also choosing to narrow our focus since there are so many others who do so much so well! That’s why you’ll notice the forums have been retired – so be sure you have joined our Facebook Group. The Job Center and Resource Directory have been closed as well so that we can focus on what we do best – Creative Content, Coaching, Online Training, and providing the best children’s ministry resources available online, all at member-exclusive discounts!

What’s New?


The coolest new feature is that you can now SAVE YOUR CONTENT in your My Kidology Membership Center. No more needing to write and ask, “Where was that object lesson I saw about a hammer and slime? I can’t find it now.” Like something? Just click, “Add to My Kidology” and you’ll always have access to it!

You can even CUSTOM MAKE your own lists! Object Lessons, Crafts, Games with Balloons – whatever list you want to keep, make it! Your ideas are yours forever! We’ll even save them if your membership expires – no worries!

New Membership Names – Same Access as Always!

For those who have been around Kidology awhile, you know that since 2001 we’ve had two levels of Membership – Basic and Premium. We have updated the names, but the access remains the same!

STARTER Membership – formerly “Basic” – this is the FREE membership that never expires and provides access to a ton of sample content on the website and tons of new content on a regular basis. We just wanted newbies to know they are just getting Started with all that is available to them, and with a Starter Membership, they are encouraged to upgrade to get everything.

ALL ACCESS Membership – formerly “Premium” – rather than having to explain what Premium meant, we decided to just call it what it is: the membership level that gives you EVERYTHING. No price change – just a new name.

  • $14 a month (compare to newer sites with less content and you’ll see it’s a deal!)
  • $36 quarterly (Save 14% – WOW! Save even more!)
  • $120 a year (Save 28% – The best deal in town. Pays for itself easily in member benefits!)
  • Need a scholarship? As always, just ask.

We are excited to continue to serve you! There are many more new features coming, but for now, we’re just beside ourselves with excitement that we can serve you wherever you are on your smartphone or tablet!

If you’ve never upgraded to ALL ACCESSand have read this far – here is a code you can use to SAVE 50% off your first membership charge. (This is for new All Access Memberships only and yes, it will work on a monthly membership, but that’ll only save you $7 this month, and then you’ll be charged $14 a month until you cancel. Best to use it on an annual membership to save $60!) Just enter the code ‘mobile‘ on checkout when you sign up at

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  1. So excited for this day!! Excited for you Karl, I know it has been a long time dream of yours and not an easy or nearly as quick as you have wanted. Excited for the KidMin community because now it has this new, updated and improved tool created for it.

    It looks great my friend.

  2. CONGRATS! to you Karl. So excited for you and the Kidology team. Love seeing your dream come true with an awesome new site. It looks great and is easy to get around. Now if I just had time to get to all the content. Kind of like the Smithsonian of Children’s Ministry.

    Thanks for all you do Karl!

  3. Thanks Todd, you’ve been a big part of Kidology over the years! And Mark, Definitely quoting you on “Kind of like the Smithsonian of Children’s Ministry.”

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