Don’t Be the Kidmin Who Misses This!!

There is an amazing new animated movie coming March 2018 that will only be in theaters ONE WEEKEND! I got to enjoy a an early screening with my family and it is amazing!

Imagine Frozen, Lord of the Rings and Narnia blended into a wonderful children’s story that is a beautiful parable of the importance of not forgetting ancient Truth. It has adventure, catchy music and a powerful message for all ages.

A fallen angel is trapped in the form of a dragon, known as the Ice Dragon, banished as long as the people remember the Song their Creator gave them. But as time goes by, Truth fades into legend with only a few believers left – and the dragon breaks free! How will the villagers defeat the mighty dragon? You’ll have to find out for yourself!

From the creator of God Rocks comes this delightful story that was written by the creator, Bruce Stacey, decades ago for his own children and has now been brought to life in a spectacular animated film.

icedragon2018mdAs children’s ministry leaders – we need to both celebrate and support creative efforts like this to engage our culture and share the Good News! Instead of just lamenting the drivel and morally deprived content that is being pushed on our kids constantly, get out and show your support for this incredible film!

Not only will it appeal to both boys and girls, but the message will engage adults and provide a launch pad for some spiritual conversation.


I’ll be promoting this at my church and attending with parents and kids from my church – and you should do the same!

Let’s help make this movie a success! I’d love to see sequels and additional resources become available to build upon this delightful story – but it starts by a strong box office boost on the weekend of March 24-26th, 2018.

Watch the trailer and learn more at If you are a leader download the media kit to promote in your ministry.

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