NEW Outpost Set!

Finally got to update my Kids Church set! I’ve been using a blackboard wall and some curtains for two years while I saved up to be able to finally build what I wanted.

We call our kids church The Outpost because I want the kids to know that church isn’t the destination in our faith, it is only where we get trained and equipped, the Adventure is out there in the world during the week. We’re in Colorado, so we love the outdoors and the mountains, so our entire ministry is themed that way, Basecamp for Nursery, Scramblers for 2-3’s, Explorers for 4-5’s among others. But back to The Outpost!

Here is a time lapse of the first day:



Then it was time to get to finish it! We had only two days to completely build it to kick off on Sunday! Some of our goals were:

  • TV Monitors so no more turning out the lights every time we needed to show something on the screen via projector.
  • A stage door for actors to come and go.
  • A puppet window for puppet guests.
  • Places for fun props out of reach of curious fingers.
  • A cool entrance – the first thing parents used to see entering the room was a black wall.

There is still more to do, but here is what it looked like on Sunday! (Thanks to Sarah and Paula for the pics!)

I love the cross in the word outpost!

Reggie the Bear!

I love the new TV’s, no more turning out the lights to see the screens!

Reggie comes out for some fun interaction!

Gus was delighted with the new set!












Reggie Bear loves his new window!This is the Ranger Station entrance (door is fake!). Lots more to do to decorate, but I want the first impression to be welcoming!

I plan to do a Facebook Live Tour once it is a little more finished, and I’ll update this post at that time. But SO EXCITED to have our new set!

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