Drawing Easter!

My mom was a Chalk Artist. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a lost art from a day when people didn’t need everything to be fast and instant. An artist would draw to music while an audience watched. My mom and dad meet in college where she was drawing and he was playing his flute. Chalk that up to romance!

One of my favorite drawing she often did was of the Easter Story. I don’t have her talent, but I loved the image she would draw. She would end with dark light revealing a hidden image of Jesus risen!

A few years ago, while waiting to build the amazing kids church set I know enjoy, we put up a black board wall that I would decorate for each series. For Easter 2018, I attempted to draw my mom’s drawing myself.

Since our culture likes things fast, I don’t expect you to watch the two hours I worked on it, so here it is sped up!

ENJOY and Happy Easter!

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  1. Great tribute to your mom Karl. I keep finding more commonalities between you and me! My dad was a chalk artist!

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