Karl’s Ancient Guitar Chord Books

This post won’t interest many, mostly posting for myself, but if it helps any guitar players out there, so be it!

Not many know I play guitar – honestly, I’m not very good at at, it’s mostly a private hobby, a skill more than a talent, if you understand the difference. I picked it up in college because my roommate, Rich Stafford, was amazing, I and I wanted to learn, and he was a great (and patient) teacher. I LOVE leading kids worship and still enjoy it for personal (and private) worship when in my Man Cave.

I own a variety of guitars, from classical to acoustic and this is my last addition that I’m really enjoying.

Anyway, on to the point of this post…

I have been using the same guitar chord books I created in the 90’s since, well, the 90’s! I made these when I used to lead worship with my guitar to collect all my favorite songs into two books – kids songs, and adult worship songs. On the rare occasions I still get to lead and play, I still use these, but I only had a few extant paper copies, so I decided to finally scan them to preserve them.

Here are the Table of Contents for each:



If you have any interest in downloading these, you can download them here:

If you actually use and enjoy these, of course, I’d love to hear from you!


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