Adult Care Provided in the Main Auditorium

Many years ago, at a church I was serving at, an associate pastor did a plug for kids ministry in the Sunday morning announcements. While I always appreciate any recruiting help I can get, the way he expressed the need bothered me. Don’t get me wrong, this was a good pastor and a good friend. His mistake – if it’s even fair to call it a mistake – is a common one. But it still bugged me, because I view children very differently than many other church leaders. What was his offense? He said, “Join Pastor Karl in serving in the Children’s Ministry. After all, kids are the church of tomorrow.” Of course, his statement wasn’t untrue, but it’s hardly why I do children’s ministry and very low on the list of reasons why I recruit others to join me. In fact, I would classify the fact that “kids are the church of tomorrow” as bordering on an irrelevant fact. How could I express to him later, respectfully, that I do not recruit by pitching the value of kids by what they can contribute someday after they grow up? I waited a few days to pray and consider the best…

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Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Kidology Theorem #26 Several years ago I was serving at a major children’s ministry conference, and as a speaker/exhibitor, I had the opportunity to give out some drawing slips for some really cool prizes the conference was giving away to its attendees. We could give them out any way we wanted, but were encouraged to make it fun. Oh, the things kids pastors would do to get these drawing slips! One fellow came back to our booth seeking another drawing slip and since he had already played our silly game, I decided to go easy on him. He was wearing a t-shirt with a Bible verse on it, so I said, “Close your eyes and tell me the verse on your shirt.” He admitted he had just bought the shirt so he didn’t know the verse. Fair enough, so trying to keep it easy I said, “That’s fine, just quote me John 3:16.” I could tell by the look on his face he had no idea what I was talking about. My intention wasn’t to embarrass him, so I hinted, “For God so loved the world…” His awkward blank expression continued. Now I felt bad, so trying to help him save face I said, “No worries, just…

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Introducing Kidology Theorems

Before the website, Kidology started with the launch of my first book, The Kidology Handbook – then came the Kidology University Conference (we did 15 in 3 states!), and then the website in 1994. It all began with the Study of Kidology – studying how kids think, relate, communicate and learn – and their world! For over 25 years Kidology has grown, the Handbook has been updated, the website has grown, new resources and curriculum have been added, but the study of kids has never stopped! For 2022 I’m returning to that initial focus with a weekly THEOREM on the Study of Kids! Our new Thursday newsletter will focus on just ONE of the Kidology Theorems. If you didn’t get it today, be sure you are subscribed at – or check them out in the Kidology Theorem Zone. May the learning continue on how to Reach and Teach kids for Jesus! I launched this week with Kidology Theorem #40: Check it out at:

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