AHOY! Pirate Veggies Are Coming!

HOIST THE SAILS! IT’S THE MOVIE YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! THE VEGGIE PIRATE MOVIE IS COMING JAN. 11! Here is the trailer: In case you are wondering why our logo is on the trailer above, Kidology is a promotional partner for the film. You’ll see our logo on the bottom of the pages at the screening site, and it will be showing up in some other places… yet to be announced. We helping to spread the word about the film via Kidology.org, for now with a forum discussion where you can discuss the upcoming Veggie Movie! Seems we attracted some attention with the discussion we did for the Jesus Camp film and the Q and A with the directors of that film. We really excited to be having a Kidology Forum Q&A with Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki in November, so STAY TUNED FOR THAT! You’ll not want to miss a chance to interact with the creators of VeggieTales right on Kidology.org! I’m excited because I am going to the PREVIEW SHOWING TOMORROW NIGHT here in Chicagoland! Maybe I’ll take Pirate Lukie along? 250/32 yikes, I’d better get busy!

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