Back to um, what’s it called? oh, yeah, work!

Well, this is it. The eve before my sabbatical is over. Tomorrow morning I head back to work, that is, if I can remember where I work. (hahaha) Wow, what an awesome trip this was! We got to travel to Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, (through a bunch of states on the train), Washington, Oregon, California and of course, Illinois. Got to go back to Yosemite (my favorite place on earth) plus Cedar Point (second favorite, funnest place on earth) plus along the way visited over ten churches meeting with the children’s pastor from most of them. (not to mention the Star Wars Convention, that was pretty cool too) I was back in church on Sunday, but didn’t have to do anything, just enjoyed being there. It was great to see all the kids again, and nice to be fought over again. :) After church it was back to Culver’s, the unofficial after church hang out. These pictures from Sunday lunch say better than words why I am so glad to be back, and why I love my job so much….. Still some more Sabbatical Posts coming – but thanks for following us along the way. POST A COMMENT and tell me…

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Big Brother Chauffeurs Little Brother…

Well, yesterday was a pretty special day. My little brother Jordan got married to a beautiful and sweet girl who became the second Kelly Bastian in the family. Me and the PK Cruiser got to play Chauffeur for the day! PK and the PK Cruiser, now for hire for Weddings. Last bachelor pic of Jordan before the Wedding. Pastor/Uncle Greg praying for their new life together. Off to the reception, Big Bro at the wheel. Proud Big Brother with best rear view ever. Nothing makes a bride like a cool car in the background. The question is, will the storm trooper make the wedding album? Oh, how lovely. Is that dress getting dirty?? That’s my bro! (and the newest Mrs. Bastian) I also had the honor of producing a wedding video (on my Mac!) for the wedding reception dinner. If you would like to see it, you can either send $49.95 plus shipping and handling* for a DVD or you can just download it here: QuickTime Small (15MB) QuickTIme Medium (48MB) * that was a joke. Any family can request a DVD.

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Be Encouraged Chicagoians!

And I thought gas was expensive in Chicago! (and this was the lowest we could find!!) We have arrived in Everett (20 miles North of Seattle) Washington. Decided to get in the mood for our miles and miles of driving… Where is the red convertible when you need it? We’ve arrived at Kim’s house… a childhood friend of Sara’s from the Philippines who was her Maid of Honor when we got married. More pics to come! Another buddy named Nathan!

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