A Texas Style Weekend

This weekend I had the privilege of participating in a Kidology To Go in Georgetown, TX, just North of Austin, the capital of Texas. I’ll be posting pictures later of the awesome children’s ministry rooms at NewChurch. One of the highlights of the trip was getting to hang out with CP Team member Jeramy Chapman. We hadn’t seen each other since CPC Dallas in 2003 (I think), so it was awesome to catch up. Jeramy is the childen’s pastor at The Journey, a five year old mobile church. I will be writing a Kidology Report on mobile children’s ministry based upon this visit, so stay tuned! As a sneak peek, here is a flash video of the 20 minutes set up of the Kids Church room speeded up to three minutes. Enjoy: But first, Texas style breakfast… But before all the great ministry, Jeramy made me get up an hour earlier than necessary to take me to his favorite donut joint, Round Rock Donuts. Reportedly ranked #2 in the entire USA by an independant British pastry reviewer. (Krispy Kremes didn’t even make the list) There were many choices, how would I decide? And then I saw: The Texas Donut! WOW!…

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You Must Confront Vision!

I often like to give my blog readers “sneak peeks” of things to come over on Kidology.org, and so here I go again. As I mentioned recently, Kidology Online Training is now live, with the first “Leadership Lab” titled (appropriately) First Things First. Well, the second Leadership Lab will be live in only a few days and is titled, Visionary Leadership. I’ll post more about it when it goes live, but due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the 100th Toybox Tale, “A Day in the Life of a Children’s Pastor,” – made for adults, rather than Kids, I did it again, bringing back one of the most asked-for characters I (kinda) created, NoDuh, the Wise One. In this, the 101st Toybox Tale, you get to listen in on the private session of a children’s pastor with her counselor… NoDuh, the Wise One, as he gently lets her know, that in order to survive in children’s ministry leadership, She Must Confront Vision! You Must Confront Vision! ENJOY! I’ll let you know when the rest of LAB 02 goes live!

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