A Children’s Workers Passage

Getting worn out in ministry? Discouraged? Here is a little known passage of Scripture to encourage you, or that you can reprint to encourage others. (found in my archives tonight) Sometimes it is fun to paraphrase Scripture a little to shed fresh light on the message it contains, as I did once to encourage my leadership team by posting this passage: There was a children’s worker all alone; she had neither partner nor team member. There was no end to her toil, yet her eyes were not content with her ministry. “For whom and I toiling?” she asked, “and why am I depriving myself of enjoyment?” This too is meaningless – a miserable ministry! Two are better than one, more than two even better! because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his team members can help him up. But pity the children’s worker who calls and has no one to help him up! Also, if two or more work together, they will keep encouraged! But how can one keep encouraged alone? Though one may be overwhelmed, a team can help each other. A cord of many strands is not quickly broken! Ecclesiastes 4:8-12 N.C.M.P. …

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WALK at Church signs

Perhaps you have had trouble with kids running at church, or at least, with grown-ups complaining that the kids are running too much! Well, I once made some fun signs that I posted around the church with some Bible verses instructing kids to “WALK” – granted, they were a little out of context, but it got some fun responses and got the topic of WALKING around the building into people’s minds: So I continued, “What you are doing is not right. Shouldn’t you WALK?” – Nehemiah 5:9 I am God Almighty, WALK before me! – Genesis 17:1 Observe what the LORD your God requires: WALK. – I Kings 2:3 I was cleaning out some old file draws at my office and came across these, and thought others might get a kick outta them. Please, don’t take it too seriously! It’s all in fun. Post on the walls of your church at your own risk!

You Might Have Attended Too Many Conferences If You

You Might Have Attended Too Many Conferences If You… Pass out a daily itinerary to your family. Insist on your spouse handing you an outline before you have a conversation. Make your kids wear name tags. Often introduce yourself to your family at dinner and tell them where you are from. Fill out a weekly evaluation form on your spouse. Ask your family to put their contact information in a fish bowl. Explain household chores with a PowerPoint presentation. Enter your house and expect to be handed a welcome packet. Allow book publishers to sponsor your family meals. Try to sell family vacation videos to your kids I thought this was too funny. It was written by Roger Fields, one of the cleverest guys I’ve ever known. Reprinted from K! Magazine (with permission)

Deep Facebook Conversation

UP FRONT: this post will be too long for most of my readers, but I want to preserve it here, and provide a better place for the discussion. Our guest, I hope, will be a sharp guy named Josh. You are welcome to engage in comments, but be respectful for those reading/commenting who may not believe the same as most of my usual readers here do. This all began on Facebook when an anonymous person who calls himself ‘Jehovah Jireh’ asked in his status to rate from 1 to 10 whether you believed God existed. I’m not certain whether this person is a Christian, I’m inclined to think not on some things s/he has said, though I often find his posts humorous, such as “If atheism is a religion, than baldness is a hair color.” Not sure how serious he intends his Facebook (and Twitter) personality to be, but this week I got into a rather long conversation with a few, mostly a guy named Josh – and I’ve really enjoyed it. I love when people can engage in ideas without getting nasty. And let me add, usually it is Christians who get obnoxious when they can’t take the heat. …

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Karl, Baby Fred, Gus and Others at Family Fun Night

By request via Facebook, I’m posting the family show I did at my church last weekend. A volunteer did the video from the back so the audio is the best, but you can hear the show fairly well. It was an after dinner show so unfortunately there is some ambient noise from the clean up going on back where the camera was, etc. but for what it’s worth, you’ll get to see Gus and some of my other puppets, including the scary baby routine, and some unique “Chapel only” humor as Gus picks on the whole multi-church format of our church a bit. This coming weekend our church is launching simulcast broadcasting so the opening routine with the magic drawing board has a little fun with that, to explain the context. But with no further ado, here is the entire program in seven parts: PART 1: Magic White Board Option for Multi-Site Churches PART 2: Baby Fred and it Stinks to be a Baby PART 3: Karl and Snowball PART 4: Gus on Multi-Personality Churches, er Multi-Site PART 5: Gus Invents WWID (What Would I Do?) PART 6: The Gus Raps (Kids in the Word & Yo God!) PART 7: …

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