Everything is Proceeding as God Has Foreseen


I love collaborating with other creative children’s pastors! And that’s just what I did to put together this FREE Easter lesson called Foretold. The idea was Stanley Mearse’s. “Why don’t we do a lesson that explores all the Old Testament scriptures that were fulfilled in the New Testament in Jesus?” I loved it! He compiled the verses, I pulled together some past lesson components – we sent the document back and forth adding ideas and tweaking, and now it’s available! It’s got some amazing (but easy!) illusions where you demonstrate your “power” to predict, but then explain the difference between a prediction and a prophesy. It’s also got one of the messiest yet most memorable egg object lessons you’ll ever do that I did my Rookie Year, and grown kids still talk about it! So download FORETOLD today!  

What is Easter About Anyway?


By popular demand, I have created an ALL NEW ToyBox Tale for Easter! It features Happy Meal toys Mr. Peabody and Sherman greeting Jesus just as He exits the tomb along with a fun lesson introduction as I explore all the silly Easter “stuff” you see in stores around this time that have nothing to do with the meaning of Easter, despite the fun they are. It’s a fun video that is just under 15 minutes. It was a lot of fun to make! So What Is Easter Anyway? is a 14-minute ToyBox Tale style retelling of the Easter story through the use of action figures and other Easter-themed toys. Great for use in transitional ministry situations or as an introduction to teaching about this important holiday. The video — provided in both MOV and MP4 video formats (720 x 480) — explores the various things associated with the holiday, from eggs to rabbits and beyond. Utilizing the time travel storytelling narrative of Mr. Peabody & Sherman, kids will discover Jesus just as he was coming out of the tomb! I went goes shopping for Easter stuff to see if he could discover the meaning of this pastel holiday. After …

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Should You Explain the Secular History of Easter?

Over on the Kidology Forums, someone asked: I need a simple lesson plan explaining the origin of Easter eggs and bunnies. I don’t think much explanation is necessary. Since the eggs and bunnies have nothing to do with our Christian celebration, I think the simplest explanation is that they related to springtime when we are happy that winter is over. Spring also represents that new life will be coming forth from eggs, and nothing seems to represent new life as cutely as a bunny. However, as Christians, we think nothing represents new life better than JESUS, who proved he can not only bring new life, but he can even raise up the dead to new life! I completely ignore the history of pagan celebrations with children. They are irrelevant and confusing to kids, and they are really just ancient history that has no bearing on today’s culture anyway. That isn’t why the eggs and bunnies are here today, so it’s a bit of a straw man. I would guess most of my non-Christian friends would take a slight offense at (or just laugh off) me accusing them of decorating with eggs and bunnies because of some ancient secular celebration that …

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Send Your Kids on a Resurrection HUNT!

Tweet, Facebook and E-mail this URL to all your friends and family: www.kidology.org/hunt Easter is a pretty big holiday, and while it doesn’t get the attention that Christmas gets, it’s a pretty important event! In fact, all of Christianity rests on this historic event! And yet, often kids don’t know all the important details of this story as well as they do Christmas. So I sat down with my wife a few months ago and we brain-stormed, “What would be a fun game to help kids learn the details of the Resurrection Story in an exciting way?” We came up with a game based on the classic CLUE game and we think you and your kids are going to LOVE IT! We hired the top artist in children’s ministry, Todd Hampson, who has worked on What’s in the Bible, JellyTelly, Order of the Ancient, Yancy (not Nancy) videos and more – and then got our very own webmaster Steve Tanner, who is a CLUE game connoisseur – and came up with a game that is both fun and educational. Next, I asked a new friend I met at CPC in Orlando, Stanley Mearse, to team up with me on writing …

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The Best Place to Shop Easter Resources

Kidology.org‘s Mission is to EQUIP and ENCOURAGE those who minister to children – part of that equipping is gathering together the BEST resources for special events, and every year we pull together the best Easter Resources. Here is a sample of just three of the Easter Resources we highlight over on the Easter Resource Guide on Kidology. CHECK IT OUT: We know you use Kidology for great ideas, such as those found in our Easter Zone.  If you are looking for more resources, such as helpful curriculum, here’s a guide to some Easter products in the Kidology Store you should explore! Jesus is Real 4-Week Curriculum Tadpole Tails brings bring you a 4-week, sitcom-style video series featuring the news team from Breaking Action Daily News. This small-town newscast is dead last in the ratings until the skeptical producer, Bentley, orders news anchor Walter Riley to report that Jesus is a fake. With the help of a young boy and a mysterious janitor, Walters investigative reporting leads him to a pastor, professor, physician, and printer. Each episode sheds new light on the fact that Jesus is real! While this may be “good news” to Walter, it causes lots of tension with …

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