A Grand Evening at VCBkids!

Last night was the Awana Grand Prix at my church.

As usual, our Comander Dave Norbeck planned an exciting night…

Along with Chuck Caswell, our church racing expert who adds fun, jokes, racing trivia, and more to the evening…

It’s a great time to hang out with the kids!

Of course, the FOOD is a highlight for the kids!

Using my trusty Mac, I was taking pictures and videos with my digital camera, and then running slide shows on a giant screen on the stage. For one video, I strapped my camera to a kid’s car with masking tape, and sent it down the ramp to capture how it looks to a car going down the ramp!

To see for yourself, click on this picture… (or right click and ‘save file’)

It is a QuickTime video file.

For more pictures and videos visit VCBkids.org Grand Prix 2005 Page!
(See also 2004 Pics!)And…..

those Aussie’s from Atlanta showed up at my church!
But more on that later!

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