Hold That Tiger!

Well, I did it. I finally upgraded to the all new OS X Tiger! And was reminded again of why I changed to Mac – forget the days of spending all day (or even hours) on an operating system upgrade… pop in the DVD, after a few clicks, it started installing. Rather than sit and look at the computer screen for 20-30 minutes, I went to get a taco at Taco Bell… when I got back, the upgrade was done, and it had even rebooted and was ready to go. Wow. Back to work.

I thought the big “X” stood for “TEN” but I know now it stands for CROSSING OUT WINDOWS! (and all the problems associated with Windows)

For fun, you can check out the longest running discussion on Kidology.org – the Mac vs. PC discussion.

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Karl Bastian is the founder of Kidology.org, the creator of ToyboxTales.com, and the author of OrderoftheAncient.com. His personal website is Kidologist.com He is Big Kid with a passion for equipping and encouraging those who minister to children.


  1. This is Daniel!

    Isn’t Tiger great!? ‘Tis positively a fantastic thing. Shoot me an email, sometime, and I’ll point you to some cool little widgets and things that make Tiger that much more awesome.

  2. While I don’t think the “X” is an anti-Windows declairation, it is impressive that an operating system can be upgraded with such ease.

  3. I am waiting to get my Tiger. It will be next week and boy how I can’t wait. MAC Rules!!!

  4. PC’s rule! I’m tired of reading about the Tiger. It’s time for a blog update!

  5. Ooh… I can’t wait till I get to experience it.

  6. maybe the next blog post could be a mix of this the Saturday post.

    Is OS-X (tiger) good or evil??


    May the X be with you!

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