Off to Kid U Columbus!

It all started this morning, at some insane hour of the morning. I didn’t bother praying, because I’m not sure God was awake yet. (just kidding!)

It was still dark when the team assembled at the church to head to O’Hare to fly to Columbus. Pictured here: Theresa, Sara, and Kelly.

Getting onto the plane…

Tanner (Kidology Director of Web Operations) joined us at the airport. He lives in Chicago, and has the coolest blog.
How to stay awake on the plane? Dew and Tazo Chai. ‘Cept, I still fell asleep.

Kelly is my preschool director/a Kidology customer support rep/ and most recently, my book editor. It gonna be a fun weekend with the team here in Columbus. Branden was supposed to be here, but it home sick with mono… (everyone who reads this, say a prayer for him – we need him back and well soon!)

Despite Tanner’s fears, we arrived safely in Columbus! (Yes, I am still walking with a cane)

Kim Bobb – one of the coolest children’s pastors in the world – from Grove City Church of the Nazarene. Her ministry is called Kids Matter Ministries. I visited Kim’s church on my sabbatical and the picture gallery is still online and my report on Kim’s ministry.


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