Cloud Technology – What Is It?

At CPC last week, I got to teach a workshop with Michael Chanley on technology – and it was a lot of fun! We bantered back and forth, live webcasted and confused half the room with everything we covered, but it was a blast!

I demonstrated remote accessing my Macs back home as well as all my backup drives from my iPhone and iPad among other cloud perks and tried to answer questions on a wide variety of technology issues. I went over why Cloud Technology is so important – why it enables you to have access to all your data from anywhere from any device and never lose your data again, as well as the difference between POP and IMAP e-mail so your e-mail is all synced across all your devices. Plus we did webcasting with live chatting right from my iPhone – and showed how to do that for free and embed it on your website with live chat, also for free. (See it on my blog and as well.)

I’ve had a ton of requests for the workshop, so here’s what I’m gonna do.

1) Here is the PDF handout: DOWNLOAD HERE (668kb)

2) Here’s an MP3 of the workshop: DOWNLOAD HERE (65.7mb)

3) Here’s a video of the workshop that was running for a little while when I was live webcasting. (Not the entire time) WATCH HERE then continued HERE

If you have questions, post them here in Comments, and I’ll answer the best I can!

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