Proof of Evolution Discovered!

I got to spend some time yesterday with family and friends in two of my favorite places in Colorado – Castlewood Canyon State Park, and Garden of the God. (I leave the ‘s’ off, there is only one God.) Little did I know the surprise that would await me and rock my Faith! But first, some pictures!

I worship through my camera, so allow me to post a few pictures. A few more are on my facebook page. (If you send me a friend invite, include a short personal note, or I will ignore it due to spam.)

I just can’t get enough of God’s creative art in the mountains and trees that He has created!

And I love seeing my little boy fall in love with Creation!

These rocks fell and caught here years ago… a sample of God’s sense of humor!

I love watching these climbers… tempted to join them, but… well, I won’t.

We saw this cave and it beckoned…

So we climbed up into it!

That’s my boy!

Here he is again!

One of my favorite spots to shoot every time I go to Garden of the God(s). It on a popular route and everyone walks right by.

And then I saw it… (you can click on the image to see it larger)

Through the woods I saw the most amazing thing… out there in the middle of the trees was the most incredible natural phenomenon!

Occurring completely on it’s own, without any intervention by man, was a fire hydrant! Obviously, this didn’t need any design or planning, it just had grown here naturally over the course of thousands or perhaps millions of years. I’m sure the $8 3D video program over at the Visitor Center would explain it in more detail, but I never watch those, because I hate how they deny a designer and planner for everything around this fire hydrant. But, obviously, this had to be completely natural! I see no signs of any intelligence or forethought or purpose or planning for this yellow iron mass. There is no need for a hydrant in this location. No way it fits into an overall plan for balance or safety or prevention. No master plan can be at work here. Obviously, it just popped up over time. It can’t be connected to a larger network in order to help a broader thought-out system be available in case of a fire? Nah. To think that this appearance here in the woods is evidence of intelligent design is absurd and ludicrous. I’d have to be religious or something and take that on blind faith to even suggest such a thing! The only logical explanation is that over a very long looooong period of time it just sort of kinda appeared hear and just happened to be a part of very complex and complicated system that only works once completed and that along the way it was somehow motivated in and of itself to keep evolving even though in its half developed stages it served no functioning purposes. Yeah, that’s it. Makes perfect sense.

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  1. I recognize that tree and its shadow!

  2. Yes! Glen, you have stood in that very spot!

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